Ao Haru Ride Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Lot More.

Enola Garcia
Enola Garcia

Are you looking for the Ao Haru Ride Season 2? If this then welcomes you’re on the ideal path, in this, we have the precise information about this forthcoming drama without requiring much of your time let us start with this adorable and old Haru’s dialogue, just for our memories.

“When you mentioned that we had been scary, that means deep down, you had started to care for us! The thought of losing somebody again… that is the scary part, right?”

Would you know who said this? Tell us the title in our opinion section. Coming to Haru’s next installment.

Ao Haru Ride Season 2

Ao Haru Ride is a Japanese show That’s also known as the Blue Spring Ride. This Japanese show was adapted from the Manga series and collections. The series concentrates on a chacarera name Futaba Yoshioka, who is a 16-year-old high school.

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Futaba wants to get added to the group of female friends but the girls get jealous of her every moment. One day she decides to get back to her love, Kou Tanaka. Kou was the first love of Haru, due to change his college he went to Nagasaki.

Kou has changed completely and become a whole new variation of himself. The narrative is quite romantic with a few ups and downs of the center characters, the first series is adored by many and the fans want the next part too, what about you?

Ao Haru Ride Season 2: Release Date

Since it has already been six years since the anime’s launch, it’s currently a large time to renew. Hopefully, if enthusiasts convince the creators, they may wave the green flag anytime soon. The anime may take some time for production and then hit the screens in a couple of decades. As of now, in any conditions, the brand new episodes may not premiere anytime earlier than ancient to mid-2022. This article will be upgraded with a formal Blue Spring Ride Season 2 launch date once the studio confirms.

Ao Haru Ride Season 2

Blue Spring Ride Characters:

Futaba Yoshioka: A 17-year-old teenager and the major protagonist of the story, Futaba is suffering from an identity crisis and social anxiety. She is led to feel that her fame among boys is the reason for her being ostracized by her classmates and she proceeds to demean and look down upon boys who had a crush on her in an attempt to become hot. She is still unable to connect with her classmates, and that is if she meets her old friend Yuri and her long-lost lover, Kou. She develops a special bond with Yuri and the both of them become best buddies.

Kou Mabuchi: Kou Mabuchi, or Kou Tanaka as he had been formerly known back in middle school, is the male protagonist of this story. He used to be romantically involved with Futaba in middle school until he was forced to abandon the relationship after relocating to Nagasaki because of difficulties with his loved ones. After returning, he joins the same college as Futaba and the two resume their friendship, albeit with a rough start. Life in Nagasaki has fully changed him as Futaba painstakingly finds out and he has become a very impolite and emotionless person. He has also shifted his ancestral name Tanaka for his mother’s surname’Mabuchi’, causing one to wonder whether both events are interconnected. He is the object of desire for lots of his female classmates, including Yuri who also happens to be Futaba’s buddy.

Yūri Makita: Still another societal outcast but amazingly strong and outgoing about her stature, Yuri Makita develops a bond with Futaba within the fact that they’re equally shunned by their classmates. But being the strong and confident character which she is, she does not mind her cutesy appearance or the fact that she isn’t well-received by her peers. Completely oblivious to the outside world, she and Futaba start to live their lives together just two sides of the same page. She develops a crush on Kou and is jealous of the fact that Kou and Futaba are extremely close to each other but lets it pass for the sake of their friendship.

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