Anushka Sharma Shares daughter Vamika’s Biggest Concern: T20

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

Anushka Sharma reveals Vamika’s ‘biggest concern’ as Virat and others tear up after winning the T20 World Cup. Anushka Sharma shared the nicest post to celebrate her beau, Virat Kohli, as India lifted the trophy. The actress also expressed her daughter, Vamika’s anxiety after seeing the players cry. They achieved the title of world champion. And the man of the match, Virat Kohli, made a significant contribution to this incredible victory. Anushka Sharma shared an amazing post for Virat. She also revealed Vamika’s main concern while her father cried on the ground.

Anushka Sharma took to Instagram and posted a series of photographs showing the guys in blue lifting the trophy.

A photo in the post captured Virat’s emotions as he and the other ‘Kings’ of India realized their dream of taking the trophy home. Hardik Pandya appears to be in tears in one snap, while Rohit and Virat are cuddling in another. It was undoubtedly an emotional occasion for them.

Anushka shared the snapshot, revealing that she and Virat’s daughter, Vamika, were most concerned when Team India won the championship. Anushka added that as the men in blue cried on the ground, Vamika’s main worry was finding someone to console and hug them. In response to her beloved daughter, Anushka added that the entire country hugged these sportsmen.

Virat Kohli described Vamika’s reaction after picking up a bat.

During a talk with Danish Sait, Virat was asked how his children were doing. To this, he said that everything is OK, and Vamika and Akaay have been doing well. He also discussed Vamika and Akaay’s potential professional paths, noting that his and Anushka’s children’s careers will be determined solely by their preferences. However, he did share a lovely anecdote about Vamika, adding that his newborn girl had chosen a bat and was seen enjoying it while swinging it. We can’t deny that Anushka’s sweet revelation about Vamika made our hearts melt!

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