Anupamaa appears to be positive now days by seeing Anuj’s recovery

Anupamaa the inspiration

Now, Anupama overruling the drama on television screens. In accordance with the research Anupamaa is on trend among the audiences. Here the show is doing fantastically well and divergently got success on keep engaging their fans. By overspreading the ratings on Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC ) weekly. Straight away, the show’s track is quite interesting as the narrative center of attention is about Anupama and Anuj’s post-marriage life. However, simultaneously the Kapadia and the Shah families handle Adhik and Pakhi’s love story. Anuj has come to know the motive of Barkha and Ankush coming back from US. Ultimately, Anupama settle for the breaking the ties with the Shah family.


What are they planning to crush Anupama’s strength

Anupamaa and Barkha

For going episodes, we have depicted that Anupama will celebrate Anuj’s birthday on  the same day of Janmashtami. The other side Barkha and Ankush both were placing a CCTV camera in Anuj and Anupama’s bedroom so they could find a mistake. Besides they would be more surprised that Anupama didn’t stop them for setting down CCTV. To the contrary, Ankush and Barkha will be discussing to a lawyer. In order to take revenge for insulting her decision but it seems like Anupama will never let that happen. In the forthcoming episode, the Shah family and the Kapadia family will celebrate in the occasion of Janmashtami  Barkha. Meanwhile, elder brother Ankush will plan to destroy Anupama’s happiness during this celebration. Also Vanraj is becoming restless to see Anuj, a drastic change can be seen in Vanraj’s behavior. Though Vanraj is concern about Anuj and made a decision, anyhow he will meet.

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Barkha and Ankush

Something is wrong between Pakhi and Adhik

Further more Pakhi will share her disappointment with Adhik about the way he confront to her family members. He apologies for his behavior and told him that not to repeat again.


The doctor will inform Anupama that Anuj is showing positive signs and that he will be recover soon and she just needs to look after more take of him. It would be longer excitement to see when would Anuj attain consciousness and how would things work then.

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