Anita Saha, a teenager from Kolkata, will represent Bengal as a contestant for Miss England 2022

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR

Anita Saha, who was born in London and reared in Kolkata, never in a million years imagined that she would represent Manchester and compete on Miss England 2022 stage. In addition to enrolling in the Miss England pageant, the 21-year-old traveled to Manchester to further her academic career. Her life has changed significantly since that time. Anita was interviewed by My Kolkata during her most recent visit to Kolkata to discuss the competition and other topics. Anita wanted to enter the tournament since she was a shy student and wanted to test herself. I was an extremely bashful person five years ago. I, therefore, sought a chance to venture outside of my comfort zone. 2000 was the year I was born. I watched Lara Dutta and Priyanka Chopra as I was growing up. They are so resilient and motivating, and I have always respected that. They speak clearly and with assurance. I’ve always believed that I want to be like them, but that seems like a pipe dream. I simply tried to emerge from my cocoon and work on myself. I became interested in the Miss England pageant in this way. Anita completed an online application and was chosen for the heats. She participated in Heat 1, and after that, she had to participate in Manchester Top 3. SheI had to fight in the semi-finals after that, where I was chosen for the final, she stated.

Anita moved to Kolkata with her parents when she was five years old despite being born in London. She was raised in Kolkata. Anita traveled back to the UK in 2019 to enroll in the University of Manchester’s BSc program in biomedical science. Anita will compete as Miss Manchester, representing the city of Manchester. She had to provide photos and profiles for her application, as well as information about her job, interests outside of work, and her interest in the pageant. There were many women chosen for the heats. Seven or eight heats were held. Only three contestants from each heat made the cut for the semi-finals. Only 16 of them were selected as finalists. Before the finals, which included the on-stage question-and-answer round, there were a number of rounds.

The preceding rounds included a talent round, a social media round (two makeup tutorials using goods from Beautiful Brows), a fundraiser round, and a WASUP queen, in which competitors had to upcycle an item of clothing to support slow fashion and sustainability. Additionally, Miss Beautiful Hair powered by Artero and Cetuem cosmetics’ Bare Face Top Model promoted being comfortable in your own skin. The Beach Beauty round of my Paradise shoot encourages body confidence. Last but not least, the Miss England app winner also advances to the Top 12. Anita has been practicing for months, improving her posture, gait, and self-assurance. She uses podcasts, YouTube videos, and self-help books to broaden her knowledge and gain new ideas. I’ve been honing my communication skills by participating in Model UN and studying a communication module at university. Aside from watching Miss World and Miss England competitions and interviews nonstop, Anita is also reading a lot. Additionally, Nita is doing a lot of research and binge-watching the Miss World and Miss England pageants and interviews. Aside from watching Miss World and Miss England competitions and interviews nonstop, Anita is also reading a lot. On October 16–17, the finals will take place at the Holiday Inn Airport Hotel in Birmingham.

Anita claims that during the journey, she discovered a lot about herself and the other competitors. People traveled from all around the nation. Being an introvert, her biggest struggle was coming out of her shell. She has found it to be a little difficult, but I believe I took it upon myself, and that’s the pleasure of it. Anita is hopeful about the competition’s outcome. Anita is organized in terms of priorities. She is currently focused on winning the Miss England competition. She would want to make sure she carried out her reign in the greatest way possible if she were named Miss England 2022. If Miss England doesn’t win, she will continue with her master’s program and possibly give it another shot the following year.

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