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Ronnie Robbins
Andrew Stafford

The celebrity boxing trainer, Andrew Stafford, has been in and out of the boxing scene since a while now. He is currently inactive in his field as a boxer, however he does take in clients to train. Located mainly in Los Angeles, he has trained and handpicked several routines for a lot of famous Hollywood celebrities. His nature and positive but motivated spirit is what attracts the attention of the stars as well as his fans. He keeps himself focused on his passion and ensures that his clients don’t overwork or underwork themselves.

In the recent news, he has received a lot of recognition due to the YouTube Vs. Tiktok match that happened on June 21, 2021, in Miami, FL, at the Hard Rock Stadium. He was the one who trained Bryce Hall and Tayler Holder who were quite well known participants of the event. Several instagram promos and a 7 minute interview of Andrew Stafford was made public in regards with the match and different follow up routines.

His recent videos on Youtube are about him training with Bryce Hall segmented into two different weeks. Further, he has previously also uploaded videos of him training with other celebrities like Olivia Ponton, Noah Beck and the influencer duo, Mian Twins.

Although he joined Youtube on Oct 30, 2011, he only has uploaded around 20 videos. However, anyone who watches his videos can definitely tell that he is extremely dedicated and passionate about boxing. Moreover, he trains and guides his clients very well and does not hesitate to stop them and correct them if they’re making mistakes even if they are celebrities.

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He has been a boxer since 2007. He debuted in the category of welterweight, which roughly means a boxer who is heavier than a lightweight and lighter than a middleweight. He has won several matches, namely the one against Bobby Watson and Fernando Ruvalcaba, both of which occurred in 2018 in October and November respectively.

He has participated in boxing camps with world champions namely Vince Phillips, Antonio Margarito, and Carlos Baldomir. He has also worked with celebrities such as Rihanna and Travis Scott as their bodyguard.

He is the owner of Staff Boxing. That is also his official account on Instagram where he has over 57.5k followers. He posts almost once every week, most of which are motivational quotes. He has slowly gained popularity with the younger generation too, his thoughts on pursuing your passions and persevering and achieving your goals.

His roots lie in Jamaica, and he frequently visits there to stay connected to his roots.

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