Ananya Pandey’s Favorite Money Heist Character

Vrinda Gupta
Vrinda Gupta
Ananya Pandey Favorite Money Heist Character

As Ananya Panday endow salute to Money Heist, she also leaks her favorite character from the production. One of the exceedingly famous Spanish shows, ‘Money Heist’ created swing among the Indian spectators due to its seize storyline of mugger succeeding and failing. After almost one and a half years, the makers broke the finale season.

On the account, Bollywood actress Ananya Pandey chimes the routine bell at the Bombay Stock Exchange. The alert was also rung by fans donned in the iconic red jumpsuits and Dali cloak which was accompanied by a money hall.

Being a Money Heist admirer Ananya mentioned, “It’s gripping to acknowledge a series that I and a lot of fans have been waiting for. Money Heist is one of my pick shows on Netflix and I’m a massive fan. It’s sad that this is the concluding leg of the series.
On talking about her ideal character, the actress said, “I’m going to miss the show and the characters, especially Denver, he is my favorite. Jaime has done a fantastic job – Denver’s laugh is striking and he is a brave man who would give it all for his family.”

But the last times are Incomparable, priceless.

Berlin’s dialogue ” The first times are special, unique.  But the last times are Incomparable, priceless” is hitting on all the right feels. As Money Heist’s Season 5 Volume 1  was released on 3rd September,  fans couldn’t hold but fathom that the end of the show is just around the corner.

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To celebrate the release of the popular Heist’s finale, Netflix India took over the Bombay Stock Exchange. It paid tribute to everyone’s favorite gang in style. Fans dressed up in iconic red jumpsuits and Dali masks, followed by a money shower. The moment the professor has been waiting for!

Actress Ananya Pandey leads the pack like a true Money Heist Fan.

Money Heist Season 5 is currently streaming on Netflix. Go check it out and see what happens next!

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