An Interview with the Founders of The Fastest Growing Search Engine – FINNDIT

Chris Steward
Chris Steward
The Fastest Growing Search Engine - FINNDIT

In this interview with the founders of FINNDIT, which is one of the best business search engines, we ask them relevant questions that address the changing needs for MSMEs to survive in the Digital World.

Finndit is a leading business search engine with a presence in 11 countries worldwide. Modern lifestyles incorporate search engines as crucial tools to get answers to all sorts of queries. Finndit, in particular, deals with establishing a direct connection between its users (potential consumers) and small & medium businesses (local vendors). Here are the detailed aspects of Finndit that its founders talked about during the course of this interview.

Why do we call Finndit the fastest-growing search engine?

Finndit dates its inception back to just a couple of years ago in 2020. In such a short duration of time, the platform boasts its presence in 11 countries and over 2.5 lakhs of business listings. The success of the search engine could be adjudged by the fact that it has over 45 categories and 1900 business subcategories already. These statistics are transient as these numbers are rising as we speak. That warrants everyone to call it the fastest-growing search engine in the country at the moment.

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“We keep specific information of businesses, business categories, services, products, and manufacturers on our site which helps users to locate suitable vendors or providers of different services and products. We also bring an online presence, a business promotion platform where you can build your brand reputation,” the founder explains.

How is FINNDIT different from the likes of Justdial and Indiamart?

Well, it goes without saying that these names are the most reputed and popular brands in the space and have been doing phenomenon work. But with the modern approach, fresh, enthusiastic, and diversified team, Finndit offers a plethora of auxiliary services to complement the business listings. It is not just a business listing platform but offers features like a quality mini-website, digital flyers, brochures, in-house graphics designers, photoshoots, video shoots, and much more. All these factors contribute to Finndit differentiating itself substantially from the competition.

What are the benefits of having a verified listing on FINNDIT?

Finndit offers sponsorship and a verified listing badge to enhance the trustworthiness and credibility of your business. With the help of an experienced team, verified accounts could potentially use additional services like the cover photo, business photo, business videos, graphics, business info with description, review management, statistics related to views, ratings, and shares, a 360-degree view of your location, home, and category banner, among others. These are modern and effective tools to enhance the visibility of your business or company on the internet. The goal is a wide-scale user engagement to drive traffic to various businesses listed on the platform. The ideal scenario includes increased revenues for the business after listing their products and services on Finndit along with ease of finding such local businesses for the potential consumers/users.

“Our vision is to become the best search engine worldwide, to improve the gap between a buyer and a seller. Our mission is to render quick, reliable, and comprehensive information to all its users”, she concludes.

What are the future developments to further penetrate the Indian MSMEs Market?

While Finndit, as a rapidly growing search engine, is working on enhancing many different facets of its business, there is one particularly prominent aspect that it is focusing its energy and resources on. Finndit wants to become the go-to e-commerce store for all those MSMEs and local businesses who don’t have that amount of capital to invest in developing their own e-commerce websites and platforms. To include such services in your business takes a lot of money that small business establishments don’t have. However, by virtue of being on Finndit, they will soon be able to conduct transactions directly from Finndit. Once Finndit incorporates this aspect into its platform, local vendors will directly be able to sell to the consumers. This will also boost the market penetration of Finndit as a brand.

This interview neatly highlights the salient features of Finndit and how it has the capability to boost businesses across the board. In addition to that, it also eases the customer experience by providing relevant search results according to their locations. Finndit is well on its track to becoming one of the most prominent business search engines in the country. Bringing in these modern tools will ensure a smooth transition of MSMEs into the digital realm.

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