An Interactive Session with Renowned Professor Dr. Ali Nawaz Zaidi of AMU

Chris Steward
Chris Steward
Professor Dr. Ali Nawaz Zaidi

1 Tell us about you and your profession in brief…?

I am an academician specializing in Commercial Laws, Human Rights, and ADR and working as a Professor in the Department of Law, at Aligarh Muslim University.

2 Why are you interested in LAW’s background in terms of studies and work…?

I believe that Law is fundamental to Life & liberty. A career in Law is intellectually challenging, financially rewarding & personally fulfilling. For me, personal fulfillment is most important. In my view, Law is not just a profession and it is a medium through which I can serve my nation & people. Law is not just about rules & regulations. Law is also about rights, justice & understanding of human behavior & society. I choose Law because it helps me in improving my standard of thought, skills & knowledge. And it also provides me the courage & support on which I can stand for the rights of people and access to justice for all. That’s why I chose law as a career.

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3 How did you find yourself as a writer…?

As an academician writing is an inherent passion for me. I have written a Book titled “Differently Abled People and Human Rights” Published by New Royal Book Company, Lalbagh, Lucknow, INDIA ISBN 978-81-910072-06”, did a Research Project for the UGC Sponsored Major Research Project on “The PDA 1995: Study & Survey of Human Rights, Judicial & State Protection for Differently Abled People in UP, India, F. No. 5-355/2010 (HRP), Sanctioned amount Rs. 5,09,700/-”. I have also contributed 5 Chapters in Edited Book, a Book Review, and 35 Research Articles in various International and National Journals. The wide social research empirical as well as doctrinal equip me to develop the acumen to write efficiently in the social as well as legal areas.

4 You have been selected for RNTR Civil Awards, what would you say and whom will you mention as an inspiration…?

I have had a lot of good experiences by God’s Grace but I am grateful… (elaborate experience good and bad).

5 What are your future plans, would you be giving a masterpiece to society as an author…?

Keep working hard, maintain discipline and always be grateful for what you achieve.

6 Any specific mention of your journey and struggle…?

Teaching is the best profession for me, I believe. It soothes my conscience by imparting knowledge to society and it widens my research skills too.

Thank you.

Again, getting featured in the magazine feels good. For me, it is the appreciation that I have been working hard and I am able to make a change. So, it is the driving force for me. (elaborate on distinct mention of the name in the magazine).

My inspiration…. (any mentor or supervisor)

Discipline, Empathy, and Constant Reading. Three things that are most vital to achieving success in life in academia.
Currently, I am working as Associate Professor at Aligarh Muslim University. Into Academia, I have gained experience in research and expanded my knowledge in the law field by publishing papers in respective fields.

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