Ayushman Khurrana and Jaideep’s rib-tickling and thrilling cat-and-chase game is a must-watch

An Action Hero

“An action hero” is entirely what its name signifies. Everyone is carrying a gun. Shooting is prevalent. Why? Uninformed? And every time, a wrong murder takes place An Action Hero focuses entirely on that. A movie star murders a man by mistake and the victim’s elder brother is chasing him.

An Action Hero – an action-packed movie

The action-packed movie by director Anirudh Iyer features several instances that defy logic, not just from the protagonist but also from the villain. The majority of them make you question your intelligence. So, you usually ignore them and concentrate on the action and the amusing way events unfold on the screen.

An Action Hero includes clever dialogues, one-liners, and comedy punches that land perfectly; it is full of dark humor. In some fight scenes, they are even more powerful than the main action figures.

The action superstar Manav Khurana, played by Ayushmann Khurrana, is the “star” in the movie as thisĀ  who has recently turned down a role in a gangster biopic because he wants to maintain a steer-clear distance from the “Bhai Log and Underworld.”

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In Haryana, he accidentally kills Vicky Solanki, the younger brother of an infamous criminal, and Jal Neta Bhoora Solanki (Jaideep Ahlawat), who now wants to avenge his brother’s “death” and kill Maanav. Maanav was enjoying the ride after the pack-up when Vicky died.

A cat-and-mouse game with a group of trigger-happy men engaging in pointless shooting at one another then takes place on the streets of the UK. (You can observe how the movie transitions from Haryana to Mumbai to London.) The chase culminates in an amazing climax.

When it comes to the fight scenes with Ayushmann and Jaideep, An Action Hero is a powerful film. But aside from that, it still largely resembles your standard masala drama, in which the protagonist and antagonist fight for reasons that are known only to them.

When it comes to humor, don’t miss the hilarious and impromptu appearance of an old-school action hero. And of course, there are special dance sequences performed by Malaika Arora and Nora Fatehi that may not contribute much to the plot but undoubtedly raise the glam factor.

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