Amit Kumar Jha Says That He Never Wanted To Be A YouTuber But Now Loving It

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR
Amit Kumar Jha

Kolkata-based Entrepreneur and Author, Amit Kumar Jha has recently started his new video series on youtube where he talks about various technical subjects and each day the video published is of exactly ninety seconds. He has confirmed that he shall be doing this for one thousand days contentiously and he would do without a miss. The strange thing about him is that he has never done any YouTube series before.

He said, that he has never done this before and he holds no experience in video editing but now he is self-learning and doing everything all by himself. According to him, it takes around five to seven hours to edit a video for a day. According to him, the most difficult part is keeping the video exactly 90 seconds.

Amit Kumar Jha said, “I wished to include a lot of information in the video but, the ninety seconds time frame puts on too much pressure. However, I have started making out ways to achieve things faster. I feared showing my face on YouTube but now I have started loving it. I should have started this long ago.” He also said, “I never imagined that my friends will actually see my video and give their suggestions regarding improvements.”

Amit Kumar Jha has also declared that if time permits, he will begin a copy of the same series in Hindi as well so that more people are able to get the advantage of this free knowledge. Currently, he runs multiple businesses apart from this YouTube activity and blogging. He says that he is trying to keep in store his knowledge and experience for the future generation so that others including his daughter “AhanaJha”, and Spouse “Khushbu Jha” find everything arranged in a place.

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As per the information, he will be posting the explanation of these topics on his personal website and categorize them so that people who need information would find it easy to fetch.

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