American Gods: Season 3 Is Coming To Amazon Prime Video

Rishabh Shetty
Rishabh Shetty
American Gods Season 3

Amazon Prime Video has just announced the return of one of its flagship series: American Gods. The Gods will be with us again next year, for the third season that promises to be even crazier than the first two, with the casting arrivals of Danny Trejo, Iwan Rheon and Marilyn Manson!

Amazon Prime Video and original creations based on books, it’s a love story that works wonders.

Of course, there is the success of The Boys, the punchy series are taken from the comics of the same name, but also the little nugget Good Omens, inspired by the book co-signed Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. And everyone is looking forward to the arrival of the series The Lord of the Rings, while the streaming platform flatly released a series Where’s Waldo? Not related to Lulu and the Hit Machine, we are talking about the man with glasses, sailor top and red cap who gets lost even more often than the Petit Poucet. But another series “signed” Neil Gaiman, cult fantasy author is also one of the leading figures in the Amazon Prime Video catalog. It is of course American Gods, which after having met a very nice success in the first two seasons, is preparing to return on our screens for a third. Find out when, how, why and with whom. Because beautiful people are arriving.

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In the first season of American Gods, we discovered Ombre, a young man recruited by the mysterious Traveler to go on a strange journey across the United States, in order to recruit former Gods and other folkloric characters (we have already met a Leprechaun, Baron Samedi, or a jinn) to prepare to face the new divinities, which are none other than media, technologies and globalization. A vast program, presented in an atmosphere as epic as it is wacky. If you haven’t started watching American Gods yet, we won’t be revealing Voyageur’s true identity, and his mysterious connection to Shadow (but now you want to know, eh?).


After the shocking revelation of the second season, American Gods will resume on January 11, 2021 on Amazon Prime Video, for a highly anticipated sequel. We will find Ombre, who has taken refuge in Lakeside, Wisconsin. But if he had watched the incredible sitcom That 70 ‘Show, he would have known that this cold state is not as peaceful as it looks … He will quickly realize that he cannot escape his destiny, and that he will have to take part in this war between old and new Gods. Moreover, new characters are coming to the cast, and not just anyone. We will indeed find a new version of Mr. World played by Danny Trejo (the famous Machete), or even a certain Liam Doyle,Ramsay Bolton in Game of Thrones, we love to hate him), and even singer Marilyn Manson, in the role of Johan Wengren. Logic, for the one who proclaimed himself the “God of f ***” …

In addition to the release date, Amazon Prime Video has unveiled a very flashy first trailer:

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