American Comedy Artist Collaborates with ‘Creative Podcast’ | A love Story Where Love Was Lost to Time  

American Comedy Artist Collaborates with 'Creative Podcast' | A love Story Where Love Was Lost to Time  


American Comedy Artist Collaborates with Ajay Tambe’s ‘Creative Podcast’ | A Love Story Where Love Was Lost to Time.

Releasing on 12th August 2023

About the Story ‘The Forgotten Letters’ :

“The Forgotten Letters” is a heartfelt love story set in a small bookstore during the rainy season.

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In a rain-kissed bookstore tucked away from the world, a hidden collection of letters holds the key to a love story that defied all odds.

Claire, the owner of the bookstore, and James, a letter enthusiast, stumble upon a hidden collection of letters that recount a forbidden love affair between Anna, a young woman from a wealthy family, and Gabriel, a humble artist.

A love that dared to defy the world but was lost to time.

As they uncover the secrets of the past through the letters and Anna’s diary, Claire and James embark on a journey of emotional discovery, their own connection deepening amidst the rain-soaked pages.

“The Forgotten Letters” will whisk you away to a realm of timeless romance and secrets, leaving your heart longing for more, reminding you of the beauty and fragility of love’s enduring legacy.


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About the Guest ‘ Sean Hill ‘ :

LaShanda Sean Hill, an American actress, and comedian, is known for her exceptional talent both on and off the stage. She has made her mark in the entertainment industry by featuring in several award-winning independent films and delivering captivating performances in various theatrical productions. Beyond her work as an entertainer, Sean is also admired as a mixed-media visual artist, earning recognition and numerous accolades for her creativity in this field.

Aside from her artistic pursuits, Sean Hill is actively involved in her community, serving as a proud board member of KCAACC (Kansas City Missouri’s African American Culture Club) and affiliating herself with numerous nonprofit organizations. She passionately supports causes related to domestic violence recovery, drawing from her own experience surviving domestic violence and using her platform to share personal stories with audiences in a compassionate and humorous manner.

Sean stumbled into comedy unexpectedly, thanks to a curious and somewhat bizarre encounter involving her ex-husband’s associate. However, her drive to keep going in the comedy world is fueled by her dream of establishing a private facility for children of color in foster care, particularly those with siblings between the ages of 0 and 24, to provide them with a loving and normal childhood.

Currently, Sean is expanding her artistic ventures by designing clothing inspired by her mixed media art. She recently received prototypes and samples for quality assessment, marking her transition into what she calls her “soft girl era,” where she plans to focus on her dreams, cultivate self-love, and pursue a fulfilling love life while living authentically.

Reflecting on her past, Sean opens up about her childhood and family, which, though appearing luxurious and loving from the outside, carried underlying themes of embarrassment, shame, and pain. She shares that her experiences have shaped her parenting style, raising her three young adult children with soft parenting, which she wishes she had received herself as a child. Despite a challenging upbringing, she has now found peace, clarity, and a sense of self-love, which she believes are crucial for others to experience through her.

As Sean embraces this new phase in her life, she is exploring her writing skills. She is currently working on a book, recounting her various life experiences, and delving into fiction with a sci-fi story. Writing provides her with a sense of liberation similar to that of creating art or performing on stage.

Lately, Sean’s performances have been limited due to the passing of her most trusted protector, bodyguard, and friend in 2022. This loss has been a significant challenge for her, affecting her professional engagements and life on the road.

At 44 years old, Sean Hill is still discovering her voice and continues to pave her own path in the world of entertainment and beyond, with a determination to make a positive impact and share love with others.

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