Amazing And Top-Rated Movies Available At Netflix

Chris Steward
Chris Steward
Amazing And Top-Rated Movies Available At Netflix

Have you gotten bored of the current time and wanna experience the past life? Or do you have immense interest in history owing to cultural practices, full-length attires, or just for the sake of knowing your personal favorite’s lives?

Whatever the case may be, Netflix is offering plenty of exciting period movies and spilling the beans on the past lives which you can binge-watch, specifically in these tough times of lockdown.

Just grab some popcorn, cold drink, and spicy snacks, get set ready to watch historical dramas to calm your senses. You’d have thoughts like “Oh! Those were such good times”. Historical movies are packed with drama, action, wars, romance, humor societal barriers, rivalry, and a lot of such instances that you won’t witness currently unless you discover a time machine. Look at the Amazing And Top-Rated Movies Available At Netflix here.


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Without further ado, I’m listing few amazing and stupendous period movies that are available on Netflix:-


  • Troy:- Based on the epic poem, TheIliad, by Homer, the 2004 movie features War between trojan and Greek armies. Trojan prince, Paris seduced the queen while on his peace trip to Sparta and took her along. ThekingofSparta, Menelaus is furious due to the affair and plans to attack with the support of AgamemnonofMycenae.

On the opposite side, the army is led by none other than the brother of Paris; Hector, although he is against the ridiculous actions of Paris.  The army chief of Greeks is Achilles, who is a courageous and skilled warrior. Not to mention, he despises Agamemnon as he believes that the latter is an imperfect king and dislikes his strategies. Thereby, the movie will demonstrate the splash of multiple human emotions and is star-studded including; Brad Pitt, Orlando Bloom, Diane Kruger, and Eric Bana.


  • The Queen:- Can you ever forget “People’s Princess”, Diana, Princess of Wales? I don’t think so, her selfless contribution to society and heavenly beauty is memorable to The movie was released in 2006, revolving around Diana’s death, the royal family’s indifferent attitude, and mounting problems for newly elected Prime Minister, Tony Blair.


As royals were disinterested in declaring Diana’s sudden death as national mourning and treated it as a private affair. It enraged the common people to such an extent that people were keen on abolishing the monarchy plus held the royal family responsible for her death. In the meantime, P.M convinced the Queen to do as the citizens demand.


  • Manjhi:- This is the epic tale of an Indian poor laborer who broke all boundaries of love and set a breakthrough. After his wife’s sudden demise due to falling while trying to cross the mountain to feed his husband on the parallel, He determined that he’d carve a road out of the mountain, in the memory of her loving wife. And, he single-handedly did it by just using a hammer and chisel. You must watch this 2016 movie for the sake of love, dedication, conviction, well-played by Nawazuddin Siddiqui.


  • Masquerade:- If you’re already mesmerized by the infamous Korean wave, then give it a try. Daebak! However, if you fall in the other category, still I’d suggest watching this awesome South-Korean historical movie.


The plot is rather interesting as it features a good-for-nothing coward King, Gwanghae who is under constant threat of being assassinated. Hence, he instructs his Defense Secretary, HeoGyunto find his look-alike, so that he may replace the king at some suspicious places. At his request, the secretary comes across Ha sun who resembles a monarch. Hence, it is a full package encompassing; humor, suspense, conspiracy, and love.

  • The Sapphires:- The 2012 film is now available on the Netflix platform. It was premiered at The Cannes Film Festival before its ultimate release in theatres. Besides, the movie is based on a real girl band namely, The Sapphires.


The film is set in1968, demonstrating the girl band of four Australian aboriginal girls who were scouted by a talent company’s employee. Further, they garnered the chance to perform in front of American troops in Vietnam. Therefore, it’s a tale of young girls encountering closely the environment of war and how it affected their music, relationship, and career.



  • The King:- Though not the old production as released in 2019, but depicts the era surrounding the reign of King Henry IV of England and his successor, Prince Hal. TimothéeChalametis the protagonist of the movie who is portraying the Prince of Wales, Hal. Timothée is undoubtedly a charismatic actor, however, he became an overnight internet sensation with the song Playdate.


Moving ahead, the plot is based on the prince coronated as King Henry V after the death of his father. And the manner he effectively managed to cope with the French war, conspiracies, and inner battles. The movie illustrates sheer history without including unnecessary sequences of love or lust.



  • The Admiral: Roaring Currents:- Yet again a periodicalSouth Korean movie at your service. The movie is originated from the war between the Korean and Japanese navies in the year 1597, namely the Battle of Myeongnyang. The main lead of the story is the legendary admiral or navy chief of the Joseon dynasty, Yi-Sun Sin.


It was regarded as one of the iconic victories of Yi-Sun, who fought with meagre 12 ships against the giant fleet of 333 vessels of the Japanese navy under the leadership of Admiral Gurujima.



  • The Gospel Of John:- The movie was released in the year 2003 depicting the life of God’s child, Jesus. The inspiration of the story is as the name suggests, The Gospel Of John. It’s worthwhile to be noted that the entire film is a line-wise depiction of the book.

There is no added drama in the dialogue delivery or scenes by the director, it’s an absolute sheer bible’s literal English translation. The role of Jesus is played by Henry Ian Cusick, who blends perfectly with the role of Saint Jesus.  You may watch this movie to knowing relevant facts about Jesus’s life as accounted by John.




So, comment below which Amazing And Top-Rated Movies Available At Netflix are you going to watch and why? Until then!

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