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Vrinda Gupta
Vrinda Gupta
Amal Sufiya

Amal Sufiya is a professional architect and a successful interior designer. She was reportedly only 25 years old when she married Dulquer Salman. Her husband is a household name in the South. She was born to a businessman Syed Nizamuddin. She is based in Chennai and belongs to a North Indian Muslim family.

She got blessed with a baby girl in 2017 at Motherhood hospital, which her husband is also a director of. Amal Sufiya and Dulquer reportedly had an arranged marriage and as per the reports. His mother, Sulfath, gave this marriage her permission after meeting Amal at a few social gatherings. Speaking about Dulquer’s father being a superstar and in the context of his early marriage commented that early marriage brings steadiness to one’s life.

Amal Sufiya Love-Cum-Arranged Marriage

The megastar also said that he married his son early because he wanted to get into films and only with marriage will he be able to focus on his career. Amal Sufiya shares a love cum arranged relationship. As per them, when Dulquer returned from the USA after completing higher studies, his friends and family started looking for biodatas for him to get him married.

On most of his outings, he would notice the same girl there. Even they saw each other at movie theatres also, what a coincidence, they thought it to be a celestial wish. He asked Amal out on a coffee date later. After that, they informed their families and both the families connected immediately. tFrom then onwards, they are a happy couple in love. On 22nd December 2011, they tied knots.

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Amal’s Career Trajectory

Their marriage did not affect their career rather her husband, Dalquer Salman has recently starred in the blockbuster Bollywood film ‘Zoya Factor. He shared the stage with the famous Sonam Kapoor. Regarding the star couple’s personal life, the couple was also blessed with a baby daughter in the year 2017. Amal Sufiya’s family is looked upon as one of the most perfect families in the entire B-town. It is considered to be one of the most stylish and iconic couples in the Malayalam film industry. Not only this, their couple is adored throughout India. The couple is immensely famous and they keep sharing their life updates on Instagram. Their well-wishers adore the chemistry between the two. Fans are die-hard over their looks and how well they complement each other. The love story, indeed, is the couple of goals that the fans wish to achieve.

Amal Sufiya is an inspiration to all the young girls out there. They are able to resonate with how well she is able to manage everything.  A wife, a mother, and a girl who wishes to accomplish all her dreams. She is a role model for all the girls in the south who marry because of their families. But still, they are able to make the best out of the given situation. Amal Sufiya is, as a matter of fact, a hero which all the girls dream to be once they reach that level of maturity.

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