All American Season 3 Release date On Netflix

Nisha Rathod
Nisha Rathod

To steal a line from Riverdale’s legendary golden-hearted redhead, if you’re looking to experience the triumphs and defeats, the epic highs and lows of high school soccer through All American Season 3 on Netflix, you’re going to be waiting for some time.

The third season of the show is still airing on The CW, though it’s currently on hiatus until Monday, April 12 when it will slide back into the 8 pm slot. If you are an All-American fan who waits for the new time to drop on Netflix, then let’s give you a flavor of what to anticipate.

All American Season 3 picks up just as the kids are going back to school for a new year. The big question of this initial half centers on what happened in Vegas over summer vacation. It’s a trip that altered relationships and attracted tension into the romances playing onscreen.

Football is very much still an important part of the series but the sport takes a backseat to character growth. The show does important work sorting through Spencer’s mental health and physical ability after having been taken past season, rejoining his old team, and the strain he’s placed on himself.

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All American Season 3 Release date On Netflix

When All American yields in April, the series will have 8 episodes before season 3 will resolve. If there aren’t any additional delays that mean we’re looking at a June release on the platform.

If all goes well, All American season 3 will probably be released on Netflix on Tuesday, June 15.

As always, CW reveals slated to get a Netflix release land on the streamer 8 days after the finale of the entire season, so fans simply need to wait a week to binge All American season 3.

If you are a Spelivia enthusiast, it’s definitely worth all-day veg out on the couch yelling at the TV just like those two are prone to do. To not spoil too much, but it is our time to rise, y’all.

Although I need to caution, this is a CW show, so while half of the season hath giveth, it is also quite possible that another half could taketh away. Make of that what you may.

We’ll keep you updated on the most recent All-American news like what to expect from season 4.

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