All American Season 3 Is On A Short Hiatus After Delaying The Release Of Episode 9

Nisha Rathod
Nisha Rathod

All American season 3 has a break in its release program; here is why episode 9 was delayed and when it’s going to be released. The CW’s football drama is in the middle of its third year telling a fictional version of Spencer Paysinger’s lifetime. After getting incredibly popular on Netflix in 2020, All American season 3’s launching in early 2021 was highly expected. It is made of 16 episodes in total the same season as the two previous seasons and fans recently hit the midway point of the story.

With eight episodes of All American season 3 released, audiences have seen the series’s narrative and characters evolve in a few surprising ways. Spencer James and Coop are no longer friends, Jordan and Simone got married, and there have been multiple couples that called it stops. Spencer is also hoping to move past his arm difficulties, while Olivia has been drinking again. All of these storylines will be explored as All American season 3 proceeds. The intrigue regarding where the story goes next might be somewhat frustrating for audiences due to All American episode 9 and the rest of the season being postponed.

New episodes of All American year 3 began airing on The CW at 8 pm EST every Monday as of January 18, 2021. But, All American season 3, episode 9 didn’t broadcast on March 15 as some may have anticipated. The CW formerly announced a brief hiatus would occur in the middle of the season. No particular reason was given for the month-long break, but it’s thought that COVID-19 is at least partly responsible. The CW will air new episodes of Bulletproof in its location. All American buffs will see the show return when installment 9 debuts on April 12, 2021.

When All American season 3 arrives on April 12, audiences should not receive another stoppage from the launch schedule. The CW has not formally declared air dates to the final eight episodes, but it’s expected that they’ll air steadily. It’s not unusual for shows to have mid-season breaks anyhow, therefore All American’s hiatus came in the right moment. For example, The CW lately placed Superman & Lois on a two-month hiatus to adapt to production issues brought on by the pandemic.

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The yield of All American for the second half of season 3 should concentrate greatly on the fallout of episode 8 ending. With Olivia crashing her car while intoxicated, Spencer might have to cover up for her so she stays out of trouble. This could be tied into the recent tease of Olivia’s downfall once her secret was disclosed. Of course, that’s just one of several storylines that All American will investigate once episode 9 and the rest of season 3 continue to be published.

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