Alexa And Katie Season 5: Release Date, Cast, Plot And All More Here !!!


The light-hearted friendship oriented series Alexa & Katie has won the hearts of the audience with its 4 parts of sweetness. The show became a hit among teens and young adults as it portrays the true friendship between Alexa and Katie and defines the phrase “a friend in need is a friend indeed.” The series is available to stream exclusive on Netflix.

The Cast 

The show features Paris Berelc as Alexa and Isabel May as Katie who are the main protagonists in the titular character. Other characters include.

  • Jolie Jenkins as Jennifer,
  • Emery Kelly as Lucas
  • Eddie Shin as Dave
  • Tiffani Thiessen as Lori
  • Jack Griffo as Dylan

Plot So Far 

The show narrates the story of two high school freshman girls Alexa and Katie who are best friends. Alexa is a basketball player and a very ambitious girl and resists any kind of pity on her. Whereas, Katie is an awkward girl and constantly supports Alexa in her decisions. The two are excited to enter the new phase of their lives on the first day of high school, but unfortunately, Alexa discovers that she has cancer however the doctor allows her to attend school. Due to chemo-therapy Alexa is losing her hair and tries to find was to get expelled from school.

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Katie on discovering Alexa’s problems decides to shave her head as she doesn’t want her best friend to go through everything alone and provides her full support to her. Later, the girls also buy wigs for themselves with Alexa buying a brightly colored fancy wig. The show later explores Katie’s interest in theater and dramatic arts and how Alexa supports her through the same.

The last season was an emotional roller coaster for the girls and the audience. Here Katie faces anxiety as they have entered the senior year in high school. Alexa chooses to talk about cancer at a Stand-up event to Cancer Fundraiser. The girls give an aptitude test and finally, the graduation day arrives where the best friends have to choose separate ways to attend college.

Release Date

To the dismay of the fans, Alexa and Katie will not return to Netflix for a Season 5 as the show has been cancelled.

The last episode did not have any major loose threads or cliffhangers that needed continuation. The ending was heartwarming and sweet.

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