Agatha Raisin Season 4: Renewal Status, Release Date, Potential Plot And More Updates

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

Most of us love a fantastic murder mystery and as soon as the planet is falling apart around us, a program such as Agatha Raisin may be an ideal diversion.

The comedy-drama first appeared on our screens in 2016 and in June 2020, Agatha Raisin returned to Sky One because of its long-awaited third show.

But on July 1st, we are set to find the fourth and last episode in the collection.

Consequently, fans will undoubtedly be wondering if Agatha Raisin will go back to Sky One to get the fourth show and if so, when?

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Fans of this popular show will be thrilled to know that…

Agatha Raisin is supported for season 4.

British Comedy Guide shown back in May this season 4 of Agatha Raisin will be heading back our way in May, before show 3’s Sky One introduction.


At the time of writing, no release date was announced.

Ordinarily, in TV, there’s a gap of about a season to get the new string to arrive but that has not been the situation for Agatha Raisin because there was a fourth gap between series 1 and 2 but only 1 season between series 2 and 3.

As season 4 is already declared, you’d expect it to arrive at about a year on Sky One that would be June or even July 2021.

But given the continuing Covid-19 pandemic, production on season 4 had to be postponed.

Matthew Horne disclosed that: “We’re going to take up four before lockdown. We were just two days off from shooting. We had had the complete read-through but the fire was closed down.”


The Agatha Raisin TV series relies on the ever-increasing franchise of books out of M. C. Beaton and from that publication franchise you will find more than 30 full books in addition to a couple of short stories.

In show 1-to-3, there were 16 episodes of Agatha Raisin incomplete, all carrying on the storyline and name of one of those novels.

That leaves at least 15 total books and two short stories to accommodate and that is not taking into consideration any possible new novels being written in the meantime.

This means we might have another 3 seasons in the show retains its existing arrangement.

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