After Tina Dabi, Ex Husband Engaged With Another Named Girl Mehreen Qazi


Initially, Tina Dabi got married to Athar Aamir Khan who was also crack the UPCS Exam  in 2015 and secure the second position after Tina Dabi. Her EX- Husband Athar Amir Khan currently in working as a commissioner in the State of J&K  at Shrinagar Municipal Cooperation also The CEO of Shrinagar smart city limited. Recently, got to know about Ather’s forethought about the second marriage with Dr. Mehreen Qazi which belongs from his native place Srinagar Lal Bazar Umer  colony . who is also a doctor by profession done her education qualifications from abroad graduated in  UK with an master degree in Medicines currently working at Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Instituate  And Research Centre in New Delhi.  Her social media profile also describes her as a succeeder and a motivated desirable person.

tina dabi

What Happens to their married life-

The couples was in relationship on 2nd of july , and also announce their wedding at next week Saturday .  They first  met in New Delhi at the IAS felicitation ceremony. Tina Dabi and Athar Aamir Khan  was  into a relationship for a long years after that they aiming to marrying each other . since two years of persisting with each other somehow, they do not match each other compatibility so they get to the conclusion both will move apart. It was mutually plan to change the paths, by the last year. The couple filed for divorce in Jaipur court in  November 2020 and it becomes finalized in august 2021.

Consequences on social life-

Tina Dabi and Athar Aamir Khan were extremely trending on the news as well as on social media , it was follow by top politicians including India’s vice president Venkaian  Naidu. On social media, she had eliminated Khan from her surname and also clear out the ” Kashmiri  Bahu” from her Instagram bio. Now  Tina is a hitch to another this year April  IAS officer Dr. Pradeep Gawande who was in a private ceremony.

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