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After the success of three books, 13 year old ANAGHA RATISH is now working on her fourth

Anagha Ratish is a thirteen-year-old author and an avid reader, who has always been fascinated by the art of storytelling. Her debut book, Celestia Chronicles: Fire and Water, was published when she was twelve and has received critical acclaim from leading reviewers. She has published two more books since then. She has also been a speaker at various literary events. Apart from reading and writing, Anagha dabbles in music, painting and needlework.

Anagha’s first book, Celestia Chronicles: Fire and Water. is set in a fictional world called Celestia, and follows the story of fourteen-year-old Adaire Quicksilver, as she stumbles into it. It is a riveting tale of hope and fear, fire and water. Refreshingly, instead of the conventional vampires, witches, fairies and elves in most fantasy books, this story revolves around pixies.

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The spellbinding second part of the trilogy, Celestia Chronicles: The Ashes of Hope was released in April of this year. The protagonist, Adaire Quicksilver is now unsure of the things that once seemed like the very essence of herself. Celestia is torn apart yet again, but caught in the throes of despair, this time Adaire can not step up to be the hero that it needs. She realises that while it is difficult to be the hero, sometimes it is harder to be the villain.

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The author has also written a book of poems that are simply worded but have astoundingly deep meanings. They tackle subjects such as morality, hope and the complexities of life.  It is titled ‘A World of Intricacies’, and consists of thirty-six long poems and fifteen haikus.

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Anagha is now working on the third and final part of the Celestia Chronicles series, as well as an untitled fantasy book. Apart from this, she wishes to try her hand at other genres, such as horror and mystery.

We believes Anagha Ratish is the future of the Indian Literary Industry. We expect many more amazing works by her in the near future.

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