Adhyayan Suman’s ‘Toxic’ Relationship with Kangana Ranaut

Vrinda Gupta
Vrinda Gupta
Adhyayan Suman And Kangana Ranaut

Adhyayan Suman and Kangana Ranuat starred in ‘Raaz: The Mystery Continues‘ in 2009. They were involved in a romantic relationship. But, their love story did not end well. The couple broke up after a few months of being together.

In an interview, Adhyayan Suman opened up about his past relationship with Kangana. He said that the relationship proved to be “toxic“. Further, he stated that a lot happened during the relationship and it was very difficult for him to move on. Adhyayan revealed that Kangana ruined his career and performed black magic on him. Adhyayan is particularly grateful to his father Shekhar Suman. He claimed that it was his advice that helped him get through the difficult time. Shekhar said to his son ‘Nobody is good or bad. Whenever you come in a relationship with somebody, maybe you are just not meant to be with each other’.

The 2016 Interview

Seven years post their breakup, Adhyayan Suman talked about his ex-girlfriend Kangana Ranaut in an interview. He opened up about the abuse that he underwent during the relationship. Kangana was accused of emotionally, verbally and physically abusing Adhyayan. After that 2016 interview, he had been called various names. Additionally, he said that people named him a ‘flop actor’ who would do anything to get ‘publicity’. Being a young impressionable mind, some things stayed with him. He typically found certain things most difficult to overcome.

In a recent interview with Bollywood Bubble, Adhyayan Suman said that people called him the next ‘ Vivek Oberoi‘ in making. He said that when he bared his soul, he was still called names by people. Being vulnerable in front of the public takes an immense amount of strength. But, when Adhyayan decided to be vulnerable, when he looked for closure in the public, he was looked down upon and given the ‘loser’ tag. Talking in the interview he said ‘ Bohot saalon tak jo cheeze hui  (Things that happened for so many years), it was very difficult for me to get over. Why did I move forward with this? Ye Maine allow hi Kyun Kia? ‘ ( Why did I even allow this? )

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The 2016 interview resurfaced last year. Narcotics Control Bureau investigation was being undertaken in Bollywood when Adhyayan’s interview on Kangana where he alleged that Kangana used cocaine and hashish. At the time, Adhyayan took to Twitter to maintain his sanity. He requested media houses not to contact him regarding the newly found information. He confirmed that he has not filed any case against anybody and urged people not to drag him into any kind of toxicity.

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