Adele Has Already Revealed That She Has A Real Crush On A Member Of The British Royal Family

Recently fans were very confused when they found out that Adele looked like another famous singer since losing weight. Still, it’s hard to confuse the 32-year-old with someone else, especially when you hear the tone of her voice. Today, we focus on another aspect of the life of the international star, more precisely his sentimental life. A few years ago, Adele publicly revealed that she had a real crush on a member of the British royal family. For Glamor Magazine, the singer had swung: “I’m chasing Prince Harry. I know I said I would not date a redhead, but it’s Prince Harry! I would then be a real duchess. I would love to spend an evening with him, he seems to be a good laugh.

Well, despite these public confidences, Adele did not manage to attract the attention of Prince Harry who preferred Meghan Markle to her … But anyway, the singer is not very excited about going out with a celebrity. Adele also revealed to the magazine: “I’ve been on a few celebrity dates but I don’t like it. You go out and everyone is looking at you both. I’m not going to say who. We’re going in. places where people know how to shut their mouths. But everyone wants to sleep with a celebrity so I wouldn’t trust them. ” You will understand, we should not see the singer so early in a relationship with a known personality. While speaking Adele, a famous singer swung on her diva side.

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