Actress Roshni Kapoor recently graced Magarpatta City Ganesh Festival 2022

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR
Roshni Kapoor

The Pune-based Ganesh Festival saw Roshni Kapoor as a Special Guest who enjoyed every bit of the cultural event consisting of thousands of Magarpatta residents.

For one reason or the other, Roshni Kapoor always makes several headlines either for her incredible work in the world of entertainment or for the many impactful appearances she makes as a high-performing and truly inspirational personality, making her mark as an actor and Top Brand Endorser

Currently, India is drenched in the celebrations of the much-loved Ganesh Festival, especially this year, because all these celebrations could become possible after almost two years. A similar celebration happened at Pune’s Magarpatta as the Magarpatta City Ganesh Festival 2022, which saw several city residents giving it their all to making this Ganesh Utsav bigger, brighter, and grander than ever. It was held for the Magarpatta City residents, which every year sees 11 days of varied daily activities and cultural events like dance, fashion shows, orchestra, competitions, and much more.

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Roshni Kapoor became a Special Guest at this much-talked-about Ganesh Festival at Magarpatta, which started with a mesmerizing Ganesh Aarti. She stated how overwhelmed she has been being a part of this festival as they have been doing this for the last 15 years. Seeing around 500 participants and a live audience of 8-9K daily became a much-remembered affair for her. Recently, they had held an “Aaja Nachle” event, which saw many girls and women above the age of 15 hit the dance floor. For Roshni Kapoor, the mere sight of watching these beautiful ladies dancing was enthralling. Organized by Magarpatta Cultural Committee, she was more than excited to be a part of the programs, where she was invited by Mr. Dinesh Gupta & Dr. Bhavisha Parmar, the Chief coordinators event at the Magarpatta city citizen council.

It was the 2nd time that Roshni Kapoor made her presence felt at the much-talked-about celebration and, like always, gained much respect and love from one and all. She was mesmerized by the performances of kids with their mothers who danced to songs dedicated to different Gods. She then even did a prize distribution and conveyed her best wishes to every individual who remained a part of the committee and the event.

Donning a graceful Gajri colour outfit, the actress looked heavenly and like a Goddess. She has always owned the social media space with her amazing fashion stance and we always love her traditionally beautiful looks that she has been sporting on such festive occasions.
She shares her experience visiting Magarpatta Ganpati of Pune City, ” It is a great feeling to be part of something that everyone loves. The aura of Ganpati is supreme. The occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi has brought with itself a great environment of celebrations and this new idea of Eco-friendly ganesha is something great and After two years of restricted celebrations, this year feels special in an entirely different way. “

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