Accidentally Echoing A Scene From The Flash Season 7 That Tests Barry Allen’s Own Genius?

Nisha Rathod
Nisha Rathod

The Suicide Squad trailer demonstrated the genius-level wisdom of Savant mirroring a spectacle that highlighted Barry Allen’s own improved intelligence in The Flash season 7. Considering the director’s seat from David Ayer, another Task Force X experience was created by James Gunn. Much like he did for the MCU, Gunn will explore plenty of new avenues within that the DCEU. With free rein, the journey was confirmed to be filled with bloodsoaked, R-rated action. Equally, a reasonable amount of heart, humor, and an eclectic soundtrack was promised to be woven in all the gore, violence, and deranged behavior of its titular antiheroes.

Each of these items was on full display from the very first trailer for The Suicide Squad. Already highly-anticipated, the brand new footage functioned to hype the movie up even more. The total plot was kept firmly under wraps; however, it served a wealth of fascinating elements such as confirmation of Starro the Conquerer. The trailer also spotlighted each member of the picture’s sprawling cast. That included Michael Rooker’s Brian Dulin (a.k.a. Savant). Described as a vigilante computer programmer, he had been shown being placed through the induction procedure and introduced into the team. Since it happened, though, among his scenes functioned as a manifestation of a current instant from The Flash season 7.

Sat in an outdoor cell, Savant passed the time by playing a ball. After bouncing it on the ground, he pitched it against one of the walls. It instantly rebounded around him a couple of times before he caught it perfectly. However, there was nothing standard about the way it bounced or the catch. First, the ball squarely hit a bunch of Xs which were taped to the walls. Second, Savant captured it without looking. Since it ricocheted off the wall behind him, he did not so much as turn his head. He simply held up his hand and the ball moved perfectly right into it. On the surface, the Xs could reference Task Force X (a.k.a.”The famed Suicide Squad”) he’d shortly (and possibly wanted to) join. Looking deeper, however, they shaped a subtle nod to the genius that Savant possesses in the comics and the movie with him able to calculate and mark the ball’s trajectory then grab it with seemingly-precognizant precision.

Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen had a similar experience in The Flash season, episode two, “The Speed of Thought.” Currently powered by the Artificial Speed Force, Barry gained super-speed thinking. The move temporarily served to fix one of Team Flash’s biggest Arrowverse problems. Able to process information at a rate that quantum computers were not capable to keep up with, Barry could formulate the results of any given situation. This idea was put to the test by Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdes) with the assistance of his Quantum Ball (“signature pending”). Amplifying kinetic energy, the chunk, after thrown, was created to proceed in the most unpredictable of manners. However, together with his new ability, Barry was able to plot its own trajectory, list the items it would hit, and evenly catch the ball without appearing as it bounced up to him from behind.

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The near-identical moments were strictly coincidental from a production standpoint. Nonetheless, it’s an amusing wrinkle to consider. After all, following Ezra Miller’s cameo at Crisis on Infinite Earths, the DCEU movies, and The CW displays have multiversal links from the Arrowverse’s point of view. Though Barry Allen and his friends have remained unaware that the parallel Earths were reconstituted, these links still remained. Therefore, concerning narrative, it could be amusingly imagined that the overlap between The Suicide Squad and The Flash was a multiversal echo and a demonstration of the kind of symmetry that could take place on Saturdays nonetheless intrinsically connected worlds.

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