A symbol of friendship and love – Friendship Day

Chris Steward
Chris Steward
Friendship Day Celebration, courtesy of Sachi Saheli

Chandigarh- Friendship without selfishness and discrimination is a very precious relationship that holds a special place in every person’s life. And commemorating this selfless bond, each year, we celebrate Friendship Day. This day is observed to explain the importance of friends and how our lives are incomplete without their presence.

On this day, friends share gifts and organize special events. A common and traditional way of celebrating this day is to tie a decorative thread around your friend’s wrist as a symbol of your friendship and love.

On Friendship Day, Divisa Herbals Pvt. Ltd. with the courtesy of Sachi Saheli, in Chandigarh celebrated Friendship Day with great fervour and enthusiasm. During this, the employees of Divisa Herbals tied friendship bands to each other and shared heartfelt moments of supporting each other in times of happiness and sorrow. Everyone expressed their thoughts and feelings regarding this joyous day.

On the occasion, famous entrepreneur and investor Dr. Sanjeev Juneja, also known as Brand Machine, explained the importance of friendship and said that it is an unbreakable bond that is dearer than our near ones. A person shares the thoughts in their mind with their friend without any hesitation. Apart from relationships, friends hold a different significance in life. Friendship is a kind of relationship that accepts everyone wholeheartedly without any discrimination.

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They confide in them and share their dreams and secrets while also advising on the wrong & right. Life is incomplete without friends. If someone holds importance in our life after family, then they are friends. True friendship is having trust in each other. Divisa Herbals presented its flagship Ayurvedic Product “Sachi Saheli” tonic to the women employees. It is worth mentioning that Ayurvedic Sachi Saheli Tonic and Tablets are made from 67 rare natural herbs which help with the problems of difficult days like severe pain, irritability, backache, fatigue etc, in women.

Be it home or office, the women of today are fulfilling their responsibilities wonderfully in every field. But when she is faced with the problems of difficult days, she becomes tense. Keeping in mind these problems, Divisa Herbals Pvt. Ltd came up with Ayurvedic Sachi Saheli Tonic.

It is a certified Ayurvedic tonic that has the full faith of women. Sachi Saheli has been associated with women for years and has been living up to their expectations. It doesn’t have any side effects either.

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