A New Batwoman Season 2 Video Provides A First Look At The Dc Villain Black Mask?

Nisha Rathod
Nisha Rathod

A new Batwoman season two video provides a first look at the DC villain Black Mask. Batwoman is in the middle of a transition season. Following the season, original lead Ruby Rose exited the series, opening the door for Javicia Leslie to join the cast as Ryan Wilder, Gotham’s new Batwoman. Eight episodes in, season 2 have primarily focused on introducing viewers to Ryan, while also showing her getting accustomed to her new role as the town protagonist. The first half of this season has researched Kate Kane’s disappearance and the search to find her.

In season two episode,” Survived Much Worse,” Alice, Ryan, Sophie, and Jacob all wind up on the island of Cortana, where they consider Kate is being held. However, Cortana’s queen, Safiyah, informs Alice Kate wasn’t there, with Mary and Luke learning Kate did not survive the plane crash revealed in the season two premiere back in Gotham. Nevertheless, in reality, she did live and will in reality be a big part of the remainder of the season, with Wallis Day playing a modified version of Kate. The remainder of season 2 will also focus on the villain Black Mask, as shown ahead of the premiere. In the time, showrunner Caroline Dries confirmed Black Mask is your chief of the False Face Society, who’ll go toe-to-toe with Batwoman.

Now, thanks to a new promo for Batwoman from The CW (through TV Promos), audiences have turned into a first look at Dark Mask in actions. The video focuses primarily on Ryan and her ex-girlfriend Angelique, but Black Mask does appear temporarily. Check out the Batwoman season 2 voucher below:

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Though it’s hard to tell from this 1 shot, the villain’s mask appears to be rather comic accurate, with all the leather a wonderful touch. Though Black Mask hasn’t appeared in the Arrowverse before, he’s played a part in the DC Extended Universe, where he’s portrayed by Ewan McGregor. Batwoman season 2 attracted another prominent villain from the comic in Victor Zsasz. This character was especially intimidating and a formidable foe for Ryan. All signs point to Black Mask being the same.

With the introduction of the villain and the new information about Kate, the next installment of Batwoman will be a turning point for the series. Although the first half of year two was plenty shocking by itself, it seems like viewers are in for even more openings in the coming weeks. Hopefully, the remainder of the season maintains that level of excitement.

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