A Multifaceted Studio For Videography And Photography Zebra Studio By Yashashvi

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Interviewer PR
Zebra Studio

Videography is a nuanced craft that requires immense passion and understanding of frames behind the camera. Video and photos are the two unwavering reminders of a celebration and survive the testament of time while letting you revisit those emotions whenever you need them. Zebra Studio is one such adroit studio located in the heart of Kolkata city and is incredibly popular for commercial as well as private videography and photography needs. The studio completed five successful years just a few months back during which it scaled many ups and downs while thriving in the industry.

Zebra Studio has everything that you may need for film production, documentary, skits, and professional photography. Their staffs hold a surmounting experience of working in the film industry and uses that experience to perfect every shot and take. Zebra Studio is currently situated in Beck Bagan which is near Minto Park, Theatre Road & Park Street, and has no intention of moving anytime soon due to the ample space available for conducting a variety of different shoots.

Zebra Studio packs a complete assortment of video production props, equipment, and backdrops that can be used for Chroma shoots, Green Screen shoots, expert video, and audio production as well. The studio offers Fashion, Modelling, Chroma (green screen), Product, Pre-wedding, Post Wedding, Portfolio, Music Video, Advertising, Commercial, and any Occasion that you have in mind. The studio holds customer preference as its top priority and tries its best to tailor the output to the likes of the client.

Zebra Studio holds demonstrable experience in conducting fashion & portfolio shoots over the past few years. Their filmography is also underrated as they have worked with many regional and national artists for music videos, skits, short films, and much more. Their studio comprises three floors designed to accommodate different modes of videography and still photography along with a sun section dedicated to the make-up department as well. Zebra Studio offers the best possible pricing and plans for their new clientele and is even willing to scrape off a few expenses because client relationship matters the most to them.

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In a recent conversation with managing director Yashashvi  “When we had started back in 2017, we had nothing except hope given by a few dear friends of ours from the industry. Investing a few Lakh rupees back then was very scary as the demonetization has just happened. With some faith & aspiration in our hearts, we just started with it somehow unaware of the journey we were about to enmark. Earning money was not our priority nor it is today. We just wanted to be the best in the market. Very soon after opening, we realized that it was a fight of rates and not quality and that to a monopoly market dictated by a few renowned competitors. It took us a lot of courage to abate our rates along with preserving our said promises of quality. And today I can proudly say that we have more than thousands of customers and are recognized as one of the best studios in Kolkata.”

I would like to say to all the proud and aspiring photographers, actors, models, MUAs, etc in the industry to never give up. It is a long road, which will, one day reward your dedication, passion, and honesty. Thank You.”

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