A Famous Journalist in the Making Ehsaan Yousf from District Ganderbal

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR

Mohammad Yousf Bhat was Born on 17th October 1995, in a small village Ganjipora Batwina at District Ganderbal in Jammu and kashmir India. He received his primary and secondary education in Govt. High school Batwina. At the age of 18, he passed his 12th class examination from the same educational institution. Later on, he joined Govt. Degree College Ganderbal and completed his graduation in arts stream (B.A).

Since from the childhood, Mohammad Yousf was a shy but bright student both in Studies and Sports. He used to play games like cricket, football, volleyball etc. and was also a great athlete too. With the passage of time, Yousf gave up sports and choose a different professional work for himself. He could not opted sports as his profession because of extreme poverty. Even Yousf, being the youngest son of his parents, took all the responsibilities of the family on his own shoulders. He had also two sisters and one brother. So he decided to quiet sports forever and joined journalism.

Since Mohammed Yousf joined journalism, he gained popularity in the public with the pet name Ehsaan Yousaf. Although having meager financial resources, Ehsaan continued his hard work for many years. He started his work as a professional photographer in journalism.

But due to his extreme dedication and sincerity Ehsaan founded his own news channel with the name JK News Live. Now he is a famous reporter, editor and photographer of his own news channel JK News Live Ganderbal. He is a very popular figure of media house Ganderbal.

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Now a days social media, media houses play an important and pivotal role in highlighting various issues and problems, pros and cons of our society. There are various people connected to social media and media houses who cover up different stories of people. We see a huge growth and diversity in our media. As resources are available and everyone is treating himself as a professional journalist. But to be honest, it is very tough to be a professional journalist. In this dimension, Ehsaan Yousf proved everyone wrong and crossed all hard tests and trails and now he has become famous journalist of district Ganderbal.

He covered many stories pertaining to poverty, social evils, and so on. Ehsaan Yousaf is a very young and budding journalist but his work is mature. He plays a vital role in media house by highlighting truth of our society regarding various social dimensions.

Ehsaan Yousf has now become a public figure. He is running various Facebook pages too and by his reporting on his channel JK News Live, Ehsaan gained much publicity in every corner of District Ganderbal. Ehsaan has been awarded with many appreciation certificates by District Police Ganderbal and it’s civil Administration. His dedication as a photographer, reporter and a journalist has been applauded by famous politicians too. Ehsaan has won hearts of common people by his true nature of journalism, honesty, truthfulness and sincerity.

He is very humble and down to the earth person in the media house of Ganderbal. He has learned the true nature of journalism by his hard work and love for the profession. Ehsaan has a golden heart due to which poor people invites him all the time to cover up their sad reality. He works for a pious and sacred mission by his sensitive nature. As a reporter, Ehsaan has successfully achieved familiarity by covering up true stories. Nevertheless, he tried to cover a single fake or false news. That is why people call him Ehsaan, a compassionate fellow.

As a writer, I too am very impressed with the professional nature of a famous Journalist, reporter and a photographer Ehsaan Yousf. We salute your mission and cause.

As a public figure Ehsaan Yousf has achieved a huge status and stature. Ehsaan has been seen on his toes while carrying out professional workout. He has done a commendable job till now. We want him to grow strong and stronger so that the voice of common masses could reach higher ups. You are the real voice of the common people. You are the voice of social development. You are real voice of poor people. Ehsaan, you are really the truest figure of our media.

May Almighty Allah bestow you with more professionalism and give you enough resources for carrying out this pious mission.

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