7 Things A Man Experiences When Going To A Gym For The Very First Time

Sugandh chetry
Sugandh chetry

We all can agree on the point that one of the hot topics or conversations between men (which may not be necessary at all) is working out. And if you wanna be specific, it is going to the gym. At one point in their life, they have thought like hitting on the gym and making those six-packs that everybody dreams of. All these things have definitely crossed a guys mind that is for sure.

There are also quite a lot of benefits of going to the gym or doing that workout for the desired body. Hitting a gym can help with weight loss. Helps with good muscles and bones. It can increase energy levels. Can reduce the risk of chronic disease. It also helps in skin health. Can help the brain for regaining its health and memory.

Some of the things that a man experiences when going to the gym

  1. Trainers only pay attention to girls: We often think that visiting the gym is definitely going to help us to exercise. That too alongside an experienced trainer who could guide us with what’s wrong or what’s right. But I am it always the case. The answer is nope. It’s not always as it seems. Visiting the gym might seem to do injustice to oneself sometimes.Unless you’re a girl, you are bound to get zero assistance from the trainer, unless of course, you’re willing to pay the hefty ‘personal training’ fee.
  2. Finding Machines/Equipment Laden With Sweat: It is but natural to sweat profusely in a gym, after all, you’re burning so many calories and working your ass off. But it is when you realise that the machine you’ve just started using is slick with someone else’s sweat that sanitising is way more important than you thought.
  3. Urge To Do An Extra Rep As Soon As A Girl Walks By: You could be doing just fine with your four rep set, but the moment a woman walks by, you suddenly feel the urge to do an extra set and even with more weight. Of course, what follows is probably a cramp, but hey, at least you were able to flex in front of the chicas.
  4. Finding People Who Use Gym As A Studio: These are the Gen Z people who will show up to the gym in their finest clothes and accessories only to claim a space in front of the mirror and click a selfie with a dumbbell they usually don’t even dare pick up. Not to forget the ones who diligently make reels and work out only for those 10 seconds.
  5. Getting Pressured To Buy Either Whey Protein Or A Fat Burner: It would be your very first day at the gym, and you would still be just getting the feel of what working out really looks like.But the trainer would be after your life to sell you a box of whey protein or a fat burner till the time you actually give in and buy one just so they’d leave you alone.
  6. Needing Earphones Not For Music, But For Noise Control: Being in a gym means also being around people who are fitness enthusiasts and who workout like a beast. That translates into hearing loud, roaring and pretty weird noises coming out of their mouths during deadlifts that are enough to shake you to your core.And so, earphones become your only respite.
  7. Realising Your Trainer Has More Power On You Than You Thought: From how many hours you spend in the gym to what you eat and whether or not you drink, suddenly, your trainer controls everything. And on days you think you can get away with lying about gorging on a cheese burst pizza a night before, the trainer sees right through you and puts you down for an additional 15 sets.


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