5 Things to Do Right After an Argument to Calm your Mind

Vrinda Gupta
Vrinda Gupta

Arguments are inevitable in any relationship. Be it your parents, partner, co-workers or friends, with different people come different opinions. Sometimes, arguments can take a messy turn. This is when how you behave afterward can be a game-changer. We do understand that the air is tense after an argument, but calming your mind can help greatly.

5 Things to Do Right After an Argument to Calm your Mind

Here is a list of ways you can calm your mind after a heated argument:

  1. Distance yourself from the situation: When we have just been in an argument, we feel our emotions more deeply. Be it anger, frustration, sadness, or feeling misunderstood. All these heightened emotions can make our understanding of the situation blurry. To calm your mind, just go out of the room or have a glass of water.
  2. Breathe and Reflect: To avoid causing heat-of-the-moment hurt, try stepping away momentarily and breathe. When we give one another a moment of breathing, it helps in cooling down emotions. After calming down, you can reflect on the situation better. At that time, you would be able to consider your faults as well.
  3. Acknowledge the other person’s side: Many times, when we are in a middle of an argument, we’re trying so hard to get our own point across that we forget about the other person’s side. When you are in a more rational mindset, listen to what the other person has to say. Even if you disagree with the other person’s perspective, you can acknowledge that they are hurt. Don’t play defensive when the other person is speaking about how they perceived your role in the argument.
  4. Return to the root cause of the issue and fix it actively: After you’ve both given each other space to calm down your worries, try to work together towards finding a practical solution. Rather than immediately rushing to act defensive, actively listen to each others perspectives. Communicating and working together with a team mentality can immensely help in focusing on results.
  5. Focus on the positive side: Makeup as soon as you feel calmer. Don’t wait for the emotions to escalate further. Remember that communication is key. Have a positive mindset and choose your words carefully. Be kind and considerate in your words. As we know, negative feelings linger for more time than positive. Therefore, try not to bring multiple issues in one argument.

I hope these ways can help you re-connect in your relationships better after an argument. Remember, that argument is not the real problem. It can be solved by using sincere tactics and patience!

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