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Like other cities in Washington, Vancouver is home to thousands of diverse businesses that employ a vast majority of locals and foreign workforce. These range from restaurants and healthcare facilities to schools and law offices, among other things.

By investing in search engine optimization Vancouver businesses can outperform their competitors by a large margin quite easily. Moreover, it offers them quick returns on their investment, enabling them to fulfill dreams of expansion much faster than earlier planned.

It is indeed true that all businesses in Vancouver and anywhere else in the world gain massively from investing in SEO. However, here’s a list of some popular and prominent types of local businesses that reap the most benefits.

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Medical industry

As per the law of averages, there is someone always in need of emergency medical attention pretty much everywhere in the world. By that standard, imagine the number of people in Vancouver looking for dentists, surgeons, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities for a quick visit.

One of the most noteworthy reasons that healthcare facilities in the US spend massively on SEO is that it helps them rank faster and more effectively on the local search results. Popular local establishments such as PeaceHealth, Prestige Care, and RS Medical.

The privately-owned Banfield Pet Hospital is also quickly found on the search page by avid pet lovers looking for veterinary clinics thanks to search engine optimization.

Professional service providers

Several studies have successfully proven that over eighty percent of people search for services online before making a purchase. In Vancouver, too, people look for local service providers via mobile phones, desktops, laptops, and tablets rather than physically searching the neighborhood.

Invariably, by investing in search engine optimization in Vancouver, businesses such as Barrett Business, Kiewit, Kinder Morgan, and MDU Resources Group have made tremendous progress. Other service-providing companies in Vancouver that rely on SEO for their growth include IT consultants, accountants, legal advisors, and financial planners.


Several city residents are constantly on the lookout for new restaurants and other eateries to explore. Consequently, they spend a lot of time on their smartphones searching for nearby food joints.

Popular Vancouver food joints such as Amaro’s Table, Frontier Public House Restaurant of Vancouver, and Bleu Door Bakery that pop up on the search results page reap the maximum benefits.

Most folks end up going to these places because they rank well, have great reviews, and are in their proximity. In short, all of these places have excellent SEO working in their favor, ensuring most visitors are converted to leads instantly.

Online businesses

E-commerce platforms and online retail industries in Vancouver rely heavily on SEO to meet their monthly sales (or profit) targets. That’s because these companies do not maintain a physical store but solely an online presence, having to work extra hard to ensure people believe in their authenticity. For example, consider the Scottrade – Online Trading & Stock business in Vancouver that operates primarily online.

Similarly, there are e-commerce platforms, real estate agencies (such as Colliers International), and other online retailers that primarily sell their products and services over the internet. These companies cannot do without regular SEO services, as it can help them stay relevant and high-ranked while enjoying greater brand awareness.


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