22 Years old Khushwant Singh is all set to launch His Indian made Brands

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR
Khushwant Singh

Khushwant Singh made 8 figures in 3 months and all set to launch Indian made online brands. KushwaI belonged to a very middle-class family, so I had to start working at a very tender age. I started working when I was 14. Once I started gaining some experience and became well acquainted with my work, I started earning in lakhs. When I turned 18, I became entirely sufficient for supporting my family financially. These things were only possible because of online marketing. With time, I learned more and more about online marketing, which helped me earn a lot of money. I started working day and night and started learning about how online marketing works and how we can target our customers online.

In past years we have helped many of the brands become very successful over the internet with our skills. For this purpose, we also decided to start an Ecomm store that will help our country’s people and become rich with the internet’s help. This year in June, I turned 22, and I decided to find the leap launch, The E-Commerce store for the Indians, and we were all so successful in doing this, and we finally launched in July. This E-comm store held in earning eight figures in revenue while being at home. We were very honest with our work, and this helped in earning so much money.

We plan to take The E-Commerce of India to the next level and make the Indian brands famous in the international market. We also plan to launch Indian made luxury brands and to make them famous outside our country. With the internet’s help, we will make the Indians brands famous worldwide, and people will be interacting directly with us to take our services. India’s people can also earn a lot of money online if they have proper knowledge about e com and how to target their customers online.

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