10-Year-Old Esports Media Venture TalkEsport Is Scaling Up Globally

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR

Funding is one of the most crucial yet sensitive factors to the growth and expansion of any firm. Each business requires funds to invest in the development of its company and for seamlessly undertaking new opportunities for the firm. TalkEsport, one of India’s oldest news platforms for e-sports and games has capped a substantial market in comparison to the consumers of online sports in the country.

Having led the venture with utmost diligence and farsightedness, founder and CEO Deepak Ojha has left no stone unturned in making TalkEsport become the name that it is today. 

With a dedicated team of sport lovers who are keen on taking the esports & gaming media portal to the next level with over 5 million page views every month, TalkEsport is seeking to raise funding so that it can widen it’s horizons to better collaborations in the realm of internet sporting.

Talking on the same, founder Deepak Ojha says,” We have been thinking of scaling our platform to bigger heights for quite some time, but the past few months have given us the affirmation that the e-sporting industry is increasingly being welcomed as a future of sports in the country, which has been instrumental in finalizing our stride to taking up funding. Our entire team is quite thrilled about the avenues that this step will open for TalkEsport, certainly, we are eyeing on utilizing to acquire new resources on giving a better experience to our readers and revamping our operations”.

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Being a seasoned champion in founding and leading over a dozen state-of-the-art ventures, Deepak Ojha does not believe in settling for less and is hence enabling his firm to touch higher benchmarks with his impeccable strategic and implementation abilities. 

Undoubtedly, TalkEsport is attracting eyeballs from a variety of investors due to their giant strides in being the driving force of e-sporting news publishing in the country and for what lies ahead of them.

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