World’s Longest River Cruise Alaknanda to Start in January from Varanasi To Bogibeel

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

The journey of the world’s longest river cruise Alaknanda will begin from Varanasi and will cover 4,000 kilometres in 50 days

According to Priti Srivastava, deputy director of tourism, the city has its own cruises in addition to the Raj Mahal. Varanasi currently has two cruise ships and two Ro-Ro boats in operation. The cruise ship will spend 15 days in Bangladesh. Over 50 tourist attractions will be covered during the journey. This will be the largest river cruise voyage ever undertaken. Alaknanda Cruise, the double-decker luxury cruise is a new addition on the must do tourist activities in Varanasi.

Alaknanda Cruise Will Begin From Varanasi to Bogibeel: Alaknanda Cruise Price

Along the banks of the Ganga, Indian city Alaknanda has launched its first river cruise.
To promote waterways tourism, cruise service from Varanasi to Bogibeel in Assam’s Dibrugarh district will begin in January of next year. This will be the world’s longest luxury river cruise, covering 4,000 kilometres in 50 days. The cruise will leave Varanasi on January 10 and arrive in Bogibeel in Assam’s Dibrugarh district on March 1 via Kolkata and Dhaka in Bangladesh. The operator will also determine the ticket price for this cruise on the Public Private Partnership.

The Cruise Will Cover 27 Rivers 50 Tourist Attractions

According to a report in India, Ports, Shipping, and Waterways Minister Sarbananda Sonowal stated in an interview that Ganga Vilas Cruises will cover 27 river systems from Varanasi to Dibrugarh on its 50-day river journey. It will visit over 50 tourist attractions, including World Heritage Sites. This will be the world’s largest river cruise by a river cruise.

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The starting point Alaknanda Cruise Varanasi Route

The Ganga Vilas Cruise will depart from Varanasi and arrive in Patna on the eighth day, passing through Buxar, Ramnagar, and Ghazipur. It will arrive in Kolkata on the 20th day from Patna. The following day, it will cross into Bangladesh. It will be in Bangladeshi waters for 15 days. It will then travel to Kolkata and then to Bogibeel (Dibrugarh).

Tickets and Timings of the Cruise

Timings of the Cruise: The morning cruise runs from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.
The Alaknanada Cruise is Operated by Nordic Cruise Line. Tickets for the Alakananda luxury cruise can be purchased on the company’s official website-

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