What Sort Of Character Do You Want To See Added To NCIS For Season 19?

Nisha Rathod
Nisha Rathod

As we prepare today for NCIS season 19, it feels almost like the series is in a weird place. Can they suddenly have a lack of cast members?

Think about it like that: Gibbs might end up being part-time on the show, Sloane has abandoned, Bishop is officially gone, and it already feels like Vance is gone for whole episodes at one time. Meanwhile, Ducky appeared for the most part remotely throughout the entirety of this season.

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What are we left with? Think Torres, McGee, Kasie, and Jimmy. Now, those are the only four figures we could count on to appear in every episode hopefully we’ll learn that Gibbs will be part of the full season soon, but nothing is guaranteed.

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All indications suggest right now that we will see Katrina Law promoted to series regular as Jessica Knight but we’re not sure that solves the problem. Perhaps you’re replacing the display time of Bishop, but you aren’t replacing the screen time of Sloane. We believe the team could use at least an additional full-time cast member if they are an agent or work with somebody else in the office. In particular, we could use a different female cast member because Legislation and Diona Reasonover could end up being the only ones.

While there’s no verification right now that NCIS is planning to hire someone else, do not be surprised if come July, a couple more headlines come out about this particular subject. If we had been them, we’d start making up ideas for new personalities.

What Sort Of Character Do You Want To See Added To Ncis For Season 19?

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