WEBNext Labs’ Founder Amit Kumar Jha Starts A New Series “1000 Videos on YouTube and Facebook

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR
Amit Kumar Jha

Amit Kumar Jha started a new initiative of releasing a 90 seconds video every day for 1000 days to enrich people with the knowledge and experience he has gained.

Amit Kumar Jha, an Entrepreneur, Author, and Teacher takes a new initiative to enrich the community with free knowledge derived from his experiences. He as promised online to produce a 90 seconds video every day for the next 1000 (one thousand) days every day. The series started yesterday on his YouTube channel (AmitKumarJhaOfficial) and his Facebook page (amitkumarjha8). He has informed that the information shall also be available on his official website amitkumarjha.com with the details about the video.

Amit Kumar Jha has named the video series “1000 videos with Amit Kumar Jha” and he plans to create videos on various topics but mostly related to web technology and startups. He is the founder and CEO of WEBNext Labs, News247plus, and a few more organizations. He has also authored the book named “From Ordinary to Entrepreneur”. He has worked in more than 30 companies related to various industries and began his journey at a very early age. He is an efficient web designer and developer and currently, he helps new startups rise and grow. He also teaches entrepreneurship and web technologies at his academy.

He declared that he shall be creating, editing, and publishing all the videos alone in spite of having no prior knowledge of the task. Through his video series, he plans to share his knowledge and tips that would help more people choose startup over employment and succeed as an entrepreneur. He also revealed in his posts as well as in his video that he shall be focusing on his own development too besides the development of society.

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Amit Kumar Jha, a 34 years old Entrepreneur who is the eldest son of Mr. Uday Shankar Jha and Mrs. Sunita Jha is a computer enthusiast since his early childhood and had created computer games and translation software at school feast in the ninety’s. He currently conducts free workshops with his spouse Khushbu Kumari Jha to spread the concept of entrepreneurship among the young generation who are deprived of a proper entrepreneurial environment.

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