Vijay and his dad SA Chandrasekhar are not in talking terms, says Shoba

Meera Iyer
Meera Iyer

It looks like all is not well between Thalapathy Vijay and his father SA Chandrasekhar. A couple of days ago, SAC registered a political outfit in Vijay’s name. This created a huge furore on social media and between the dad-son duo. Shoba Chandrasekhar’s latest interview confirms rife between Vijay and SAC.


After the political party controversy, Vijay issued a statement saying that he does not have anything to do with it. He distanced himself from the party and warned people not to use his name or image. Soon, television channel Thanthi interviewed Shoba Chandrasekhar.

She said that she has walked out of the party after knowing her husband’s intention. Initially, she thought he was going to start an association. But, he later turned it into a political outfit without Vijay’s knowledge.

Speaking to the channel, Shobha said, “Vijay asked his dad to maintain silence on topics like his political entry. But, he continues to talk about political ambitions and registered a party. So, Vijay does not talk to his dad anymore. I conveyed that I am walking out of the party and SAC is ok with it.”

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Shobha also added that Vijay has to say if he’d enter politics or not.

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