Vibhor Varshney founder of Vighnahara Investment Solutions Shares His Expertise in Stock Market

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR
Vibhor Varshney Founder Vighnahara Investment Solutions

Vibhor Varshney became one of the youngest SEBI registered research analyst in the country in the year 2017, post which he became the CEO of a revolutionary firm called Vighnahara Investment Solutions who has pledged to spread awareness on breaking down the myths on stock market investments and empowering individuals with the correct and practical methods to stay upbeat in the stock market.

Vibhor is the creator and CEO of Vighnahara Investment Solutions, a one-stop destination for all your financial requirements.

Vibhor Varshney’s experience speaks volumes to his YouTube and Telegram audience. He is one of the youngest to acquire a SEBI license. Many known organizations including NIFM, Spider India, and others invited him to give guest lectures on the step-by-step method of investing and then nurturing those investments. However, all these achievements did not happen overnight. Years of trial and error went into acquiring his diverse portfolio and ensuring that it would survive the test of time.

Today, Vibhor Varshney is a notable name in the stock market industry. His firm Vighnahara Investment Solutions is also striding with giant leaps due to their practical and client-oriented approach of solving investment issues by understanding in-depth the risk profile, investment potential, and wealth goals of individuals.

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With the sacred aim to transform the investment mindset in India, Vibhor Varshney is driven to expand the horizons of people’s knowledge on this front and is making it possible via various social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Telegram, and Twitter.

These 3 biggest learnings are –

1) Never copy anybody else and do your own research and analysis. Stock market transactions are subject to nothing but personal analysis. No one can predict anything for certain but we can minimize the risk by doing our research. A robust analysis of the various parameters of a firm will give you a clear picture of whether your risk appetite allows you to go for that stock or not. It is foolish to copy anyone in the market as no two circumstances and investments are same.

2) Always trade from your own money and do not take leverage. It is like a mud-trap, creating over trading position and if you loose the money, the leverage is going to cost you dearly.

3) Profit and loss are a part and parcel of stock market and if you want profit then you have to learn to deal with losses as well. Therefore, only take such risks whose loss you can bear.

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