Twitter Blue Subscription Relaunched: Everything to Know!

Twitter charge 8$ for the subscriptions of Twitter Blue

The Third plan of Twitter Blue is finally out. This time they came up with a different strategy for different devices. Twitter account holders can buy blue tick for 8$ only for the browser, and 11$ for the iOS device per month. Surprisingly iOS version still not roll out. This strategy has already been implemented in a selected country and has given premium service access to the users. The service includes editing photos, tweeting high-quality videos, and many more. If one’s decision to buy Twitter Blue Subscriptions, one might have a variety of questions and the services provided by them. How it can be different from the previous version? Check out the frequently asked questions and answers

What is Twitter Blue?

After Elon Musk took over the social company, he brings some additional features. In order to access those services one has to pay for the premium service and blue tick verification i.e; Twitter Blue. It blue allows you to edit photos, tweet high-quality videos of 1080p resolutions, and many more.

How one can purchase the premium service

It can be subscribed to from your web browser or an iOS.

Do we get a refund if we don’t like the premium service?

The Social Company clearly mentioned it is non-refundable

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The company soon disabled the old blue tick. According to the latest office, they get the blue tick, not on merits. But the premium service is not notable to any government. The people with blue ticks bought from Twitter Blue will regain the blue tick in their subscription.

What is for Twitter Business?

 Twitter blue will give the golden tick to the account associated with the business. Those who subscribe to the premium service will get the Blue tick for one’s individual. Meanwhile, Golden tick is for Business it can be one or more than that.

Is Twitter Blue Ad free?

The latest report said that the ad will be there but in a minimum number.

Can we get an instant blue tick when we subscribe to Twitter Blue?

No,  you will get all the access to premium service but not an instant blue tick. A blue tick will be given when your account fulfilled all the requirements.

Features in Twitter Blue

  • Undo Tweet
  • Top Articles
  • Custom Navigation
  • Different Themes
  • Customization options

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