Travel Enthusiast And Entrepreneur Shivam Phutela Makes Desert Safari Exciting And Safe With His New Venture

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR
Shivam Phutela

Being a multi-tasker sounds cool but it isn’t easy. One has to be supremely dedicated and focused to make sure they complete and give their best in every different task they do. Shivam Phutela is an apt example of how with the right kind of determination, one can excel in every work they do. Shivam is a well-known entrepreneur and also indulges in various travel-related activities and social work.

Shivam is famous because of his company Desertraja which provides a safe and exciting desert safari.

Desertraja is intended to help plan the most miraculous desert safari from sunset today break ‘Desert Raja’ offers a quieting stay underneath the sky with unlimited stars. Offering the best help and plenty of interactive activities like BBQ dinner or dance shows, this is great, it is as energizing and lovely as it seems to be. The fellow benefactors who transformed this thought into the truth are unified with an alluring persona. With the distinct fascination for transforming their energy into a calling and accomplishing something other than what’s expected, the two built up the created safari organization, Desert Raja.

Shivam’s belief in giving quality service to people worked and Desertraja became one of the popular safari companies of Dubai. In this article, we will learn how Shivam started Desertraja and how he made it what it is today.

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Shivam wanted to make the desert safari world better for tourists, safe for children, and wanted to give an unforgettable experience and thus he put this idea into starting a new company Desertraja which means the king of the desert. Desert safari in Dubai is provided by many people but no one can match the quality of Shivam’s safari. 100% Thrilling experience at the best possible rate is offered by him.

Shivam wanted to change the working of desert safari and wanted to bring change in the industry. so he started giving free Wifi, water, more time in the desert, free pickup and drop, and various other features that no one else in the market is giving. Shivam is truly changing the world of desert safari. This is all about the rising entrepreneur Shivam Phutela.

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