The Super Hit Series Is Expected To Be Renewed For Vagabond Season 2

Nisha Rathod
Nisha Rathod

The majority of the K-dramas finish in Season 1 but Vagabond could be an exception. The super hit series is expected to be renewed for Season two. Vagabond Season 1 was premiered on September 20, 2019, and had a total of 16 episodes.

Vagabond is a whole package of crime, thrill, action, suspense, romance, and adventure. No wonder fans want to see Vagabond Season Two with the leads Lee Seung-gi and Bae Suzy.

SBS TV has not yet confirmed Vagabond Season 2, but a Vagabond staff lately hinted at the chance the series’ return for another season, reported Uniforumtz.

Vagabond Season 1 depicts the story of a stuntman Cha Dal-gun (Lee Seung-gi), who takes care of his orphaned nephew Cha Hoon (Moon Woo-jin). Hoon went on a field trip to Morocco. Before the plane takes off, he sends a movie to his uncle. But Dal-gun watches a record of the identical plane crash, which Cha Hoon has boarded. Later it was revealed that the B357 plane crash isn’t an accident instead it was a planned episode.

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Cha Dal-gun gets assistance from Go Hae-Ri (played by Bae Suzy), a covert operative for the National Intelligence Service. Even though the investigation gets heavier, they both fall in love. Vagabond Season 2 may disclose the names of all of the offenders of the plane crash. Moreover, Season 2 could be built upon the romance of Bae Suzy and Lee Seung-gi.

The South Korean popular show Vagabond won the SBS Drama Awards of 2019. The’While You Were Sleeping’ celebrity Bae Suzy won the Exact Same award in the category of Top Excellence Award in Miniseries (female). The show was created contrary to the funding of 25 billion South Korean won.

There’s no official verification of Vagabond Season two. Stay tuned to get the latest information on South Korean play.

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