The Rain Season 4: Possible Release Date, Return Cast, New Trailer And Everything You Need To Know

Rishabh Shetty
Rishabh Shetty

The next season of Danish post-apocalyptic play The Rain dropped on Netflix earlier this month, and it had been another action packed year since Rasmus turned on his sister Simone, pitting himself against her.

Obviously, fans of the show have binge-watched the latest season and are currently desperate for another run, even if the drama’s latest series of episodes finished with the loose ends seemingly tied up.

So will there be another season of the series? Continue reading for everything you want to know.

The Rain Season 4 Release Date

Regrettably, there won’t be any additional episodes — Netflix declared when it had been renewing the show for a third run back in June 2019 that it would end after year.

At the moment, Netflix did not give a motive behind the show’s cancellation — simply tweeting,”We will see you in 2020 for the next and last season.”

There has been no additional sign of exactly the streaming giant opted not to bring the series back for a fourth run, but there is a good chance it could simply be a creative choice — that way the series managed to wrap up in a satisfying way that tied up all the major plot points.

The Rain Season 4 Cast

Again, Netflix has announced that season 3 is the final season for Your Rain. But when the streamer completes its decision or if a different streamer picks up the show for season , then we are hoping to see Alba August return as Simone Andersen because she tries to fix the world inside her brother’s honor.

The Rain Season 4 Plot

Because the majority of the primary cast is either dead or murdered, the story will concentrate mainly on Simone. With the virus now wholly disappeared, Simone will attempt to establish or renew the town with the assistance of remaining members.

A few relatives of Dr.Sten would emerge to take the revival of Dr.Sten’s death, ultimately becoming the newest villain. The series would make the leverage of this current scenario — the COVID-19 epidemic like the actors’ passing, a hypothetical scenario like third world war one of the states because of the virus.

The Rain Season 4 Trailer

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