The Matrix 4: Nick Jonas misses Priyanka Chopra shot Matrix 4 in Germany

MD Sahan
MD Sahan

During an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Nick Jonas shared how he felt disconnected from the world when Priyanka Chopra was shooting for Matrix 4 in Germany.

Nick Jonas’ recent appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon watched the handsome singer and actor discuss his most recent outing, Chaos Walking, his epic Saturday Night Live appearance as both sponsor and celebrity as well as his highly-awaited solo record, Spaceman.

While quipping about how he had the most expensive album photoshoot ever for Spaceman, shot Mars with Elon Musk funding the”extra rich shoot” (P.S.. It was really shot in Barstow, California), Nick also disclosed, to Jimmy Fallon, the inspiration behind his album.

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Throughout his revelation, Jonas confided how he felt”disconnected” if Priyanka Chopra was shooting Matrix 4 in Germany.

“You know, I sort of began writing this listing in July. My wife was in Germany, ending up this small film called The Matrix. And… [chuckles] And I was like,’ I’m quite disconnected from the Earth, first of all, and my individual.’ And that I simply dug in composing it using Greg Kurstin [record producer] and Mozella [singer/songwriter]. In a couple of days, I was like,’Oh, this is, this is a solo record.’ Then a few days after, I was like,’ This is a.. . A kind of like themed record,'” the 28-year-old singer remembered.

“Giving this concept that we have all had this year now… But this year of being kind of disconnected from reality, disconnected from the world and feeling like we’re on our planet. And, also, obviously missing her at the time, as well, then reconnecting with her. And then the main theme from this album, I think, is, more than anything is just about hopefulness for the future and seeing a brighter day beforehand,” Nick reasoned.

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