The Good Fight Season 5: Release Date, Cast, Plot And Every Latest Update Here !!!

Ankita Gurung
Ankita Gurung
The Good Fight Season 5

Good Fight is  a legal drama series that is aired on the CBS all- access network. It is the spin-off of the series “The Good Wife “. If you are someone who love court room dramas Attorneys are are craving for something  similar to all these categories than “The Good Fight” is the right show for you. The series follow the story of Christine Baranski as Diane  Lockhart, as she looses her job due to an enormous financial scam. It destroys the reputation of young lawyer, Maria Rindell , while wiping out her godmother and mother Diane Lockhart’s savings . Forced out of Lockhart  and Lee than join Lucca Quinn at one of Chicago’s preeminent law firms.

The Good Fight Season 5 Release Date

The producer of the show and the network has announced the release date for season 5 and it premiered on June 24 2021 .Paramount has announced the renewal of The Good Fight Season 6  recently.

Season 5 Cast  of The Good Fight

  • Christine Baranski. Diane Lockhart.
  • Sarah Steele. Marissa Gold.
  • Nyambi Nyambi. Jay Dipersia.
  • Michael Boatman. Julius Cain.
  • Audra McDonald. Liz Reddick-Lawrence.
  • Charmaine Bingwa. Carmen Moyo.
  • Mandy Patinkin. Hal Wackner.
  • Zach Grenier. David Lee.


The Good Fight is a unique show because it’s ability to morph America’s political reality into a sizzling TV masterpiece. Because the show turn real-world issues into a visual masterpiece that viewers can relate to easily.  Since its debut  in 2017 ,the show has managed to impress critics with its storyline. This Series was co-produced by Robert King and Michelle King. The series shed some light on Trump’s populist politics .It even shows America’s relations with China. In season 6 we can expect how the producers will infuse the issues associated with the pandemic and BLM (Black Lives Matter).

However because of pandemic the fans have to wait for the new season of the show. Back to Diane Lockhart, who was a partner in a law firm. The Series started when her life hit rock bottom after losing her employment and finances to a financial scam. This led her to join Lucca Quinn, who was portrayed by Cush Jumbo, at her firm as a partner. A firm that is known for taking police brutality cases in Illinois. Guardian Newspaper tagged the Good Fight as “TV’s most political drama” in one of their articles. Season 5 of the series has over total number of 10 episode . The final episode of season 5 full episode was premiered on August 26 2021. We are expecting to see the new season on 2022.

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Where to watch?

The Good Fight Season 1 to 3 is available on Amazon Prime in India . The rest of the season can be watch either on Hulu or on Paramount Plus by using VPN as it is not available in India on any OTT platform.





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