Sony announces new PlayStation handheld device

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

A brand-new portable gaming system is going to hit the market. Project Q, a new device from Sony, was announced at its PlayStation Showcase. Owners of the PlayStation 5 will now be able to stream games from their system via Wi-Fi thanks to the device. Project Q’s HD screen measures eight inches, making it somewhat larger than the well-known handheld Nintendo Switch. Additionally, it incorporates every button and feature found on the standard PlayStation 5 controller, split into two parts.

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With the PSP and PS Vita, Sony was a significant player in the handheld gaming system market. It now appears that the corporation is attempting a comeback with the PlayStation Q. A fresh story claims that Sony is testing a new gadget that resembles the DualSense controller for the PlayStation 5.

The Project Q has an 8-inch LCD screen in the center

This means that while it can stream PS5 games, it won’t be able to play games independently without an internet connection. Although it’s not yet known, the device may be compatible with other cloud-based gaming services.

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playstation project q

The Nintendo Wii U GamePad connects to the Wii U through a modified low-latency Wi-Fi protocol. And will enable players to play games on a smaller screen. It is anticipated to be comparable to the PlayStation Q. Project Q Lite, the forthcoming PlayStation handheld device, will have speakers, volume controls, and adaptable triggers.

In comparison to the PS Vita’s 960544 resolution, the screen will feature 1080p quality at 60 frames per second. Reports state that Sony will introduce its new portable device. With a removable disc drive right after the upcoming PS5. which is scheduled for release in September and comes before the rumored introduction of the PlayStation 5 Pro in late 2024. Even if Sony’s new device won’t be able to compete with Nintendo’s Switch, which offers both portable and home console gaming.

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