Sneak Peek: How Sarvesh Makes Six-Figure Profit From SEO & Affiliate Marketing

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR
Sarvesh Shrivastava

The Internet revolution has certainly changed the world for good. Otherwise, who would have thought a decade back that it was possible to make good money through computers sitting at home?

Meet Sarvesh Shrivastava, a young lad from Bihar who is breaking the stereotypical norms by making a luxurious living through SEO and Affiliate marketing. Sarvesh has been able to achieve five-figure dollar monthly revenue with the help of his killer SEO skills.

In this interview, we have managed to get a sneak peek from Sarvesh on how he manages his business, how anyone can get into SEO, and what it takes to be successful in this industry. 

Not only that, but Sarvesh also reveals how he copes with success as well as failure which is part and parcel of life.

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“An important thing that people tend to overlook when working online is that just like any business, an online business needs dedication and professionalism. One has to be consistent with the process and focus on the work rather than the results and then only the results will follow.” said Sarvesh.

Upon being asked why creating blogs for generating revenue is a lucrative idea, Sarvesh replied, “There are several reasons why blogging and SEO is a great alternative to the traditional job system in place currently. First, you are not working for someone else, rather you are working for yourself. So, you are answerable to yourself only.”

“Second, these days there are several marketplaces where a blog can be sold for a 30+ multiple of monthly revenue, meaning that you can get 3 years’ worth of future revenue right at the time of selling the blog. This is a very common scenario in the online marketing industry. I think this possibility gives an online SEO business a great return and reward on investment as compared to a traditional business.”, added Sarvesh.

According to him, the 2 main aspects of a good website are its content and backlinks. “Google is Google because it came up with an algorithm that focuses on backlinks. Backlinks are basically a vote of confidence to Google that this page is good enough to be ranked. Hence, backlinks for me are in the top two things I focus on for my websites.”

“Another very important aspect is the quality of the content. A website is nothing but the collection of content that one puts online. And the only aim of a website should be to help its readers which is not possible without quality content. Moreover, there are Google algorithm updates every now and then, the majority of them focus on the quality of content. So, it’s an absolute necessity to have the best possible content on your websites.”

In this fast-moving world, online marketing has indeed become a necessity rather than a luxury. And entrepreneurs like Sarvesh have definitely shown us the way to make the best use of the Internet and create a whole business around it.

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