Siren24 is assisting ambulance needs in no time, thanks to an efficient method of routing help to sufferers

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR

There is no disputing that technology is rapidly advancing, and in the twenty-first century, we are witnessing several examples of this. Integrating technology into daily life is an act of innovation not only because it is easier to use and more reliable, but also because it saves lives when an accident kills more lives not because it is fatal, but because the necessary help is unable to reach them—on time.

This was highlighted by Siren24, which correctly predicted that people involved in accidents or an emergency due to a medical condition not only endanger themselves but also terrorise their loved ones. According to the National Crime Records Bureau, about 24,012 persons die each day as a result of a delay in obtaining medical attention. The majority of the cases represent experiencing heart attacks, brain haemorrhages, suicide attempts, car accidents, and strokes.

The ambulance service is delayed for a variety of reasons. Traffic congestion is one of the main factors and course urbanization.

Ambulance drivers from Siren24 are always aware of traffic conditions and choose the shortest route possible.

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Siren24 is a cutting-edge technical application that allows you to book ambulances instantaneously with the push of a button on your smartphone, without even having to disclose your address because it uses its smart feature (GPS feature) to locate it for you.

You can immediately obtain the driver’s details and contact information, as well as locate and request the nearest available ambulance any time of the day or night.

Currently, it serves all major hospitals and ambulance services in Delhi and the NCRs.

Not only that, but it has brought together the majority of hospitals and their doctors so that first aid may be given to patients while the ambulance is on its way by communicating with the available doctors.

The most innovative and eye-catching feature of this app is that when you call for an ambulance, you simply describe the situation (cause of emergency) and Siren24 will calculate which type of ambulance is best for you and what equipment will be included.

The majority of people on oxygen life support reached Siren24 during the first and second waves. 

It appears to link three types of life-saving ambulances: city, outstation, and hospital, as well as smart features like Route Support, Real-Time Ambulance Tracking, and Ambulance Assistance Team.

The Founder and other team members of this distinct attitude and game-changing application told us that their goal is to connect as many houses as possible by raising awareness in all of the regions they serve.

They intend to expand into additional cities in the future and improve communication between patients and the medical help they receive during emergency hours. The goal is to serve India and connect every road and corner of the country so that no one dies as a result of any emergency medical condition.

To discover more, go to their official website or download the Siren24 app from the Play Store or App Store. 


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