Ravi Kaushal on Singing, Entrepreneurship, Bollywood and Personal Life

Chris Steward
Chris Steward
Ravi Kaushal

Ravi Kaushal is an Indian singer, songwriter, and entrepreneur. He has completed his school education at DPS Ranchi. Throughout his student days, Ravi has been a topper. He topped in the 10th and got good grades in the 12th standard as well. Post-school, he enrolled for a degree in Software Engineering from KIIT University in Bhubaneswar.

His keen interest in science and space developed even more in his college days. Therefore, he worked on lots of technical projects including Artificial Intelligence. Ravi is a creative person who indulges himself in various spaces including space, history, art, Music Production, etc.

He is an enthusiastic person who loves to be a constant learner of life. In 2013, Ravi decided to pursue his childhood dream of becoming an artist. He has never taken any professional training for music. Ravi is a self-taught Musician. Ravi is also the founder of the production & design company “MuviArts” and also hosts the podcast show named Subconscious Talks.

Ravi Kaushal On working in Bollywood

Ravi said that he would love to give his music to films if he is given the freedom to work in his own style. He added that he would create something relatable to their scripts, stories, or brief.

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Ravi has already made a lot of music in R&B and Pop genres. One field that he would like to explore is making music based on love stories.

Ravi Kaushal’s idea that inspired his Entrepreneurship Journey

Ravi started MuviArts in the year 2017. Ravi says, “When I was starting up my career in music, there were no firms available who could help me in my journey or guide me. So, somebody had to solve that problem. Therefore, I along with my amazing team created MuviArts. It is a one-stop solution for artists.  We provide all the services that an artist possibly needs to build their career.”

MuviArts stands for Music Videos & Arts.  They have already worked with many Bollywood & Punjabi artists. Be it music, designing, or marketing, MuviArts offers experts in every domain to solve any problem that an artist might face.  Additionally, it also solves problems including the guidance that an artist needs and even how to further advance their career.

Ravi Kaushal advice to aspiring singers

Ravi Kaushal suggests that beginners should focus on Riaaz & practice. However, along with practicing they should try to learn everything which comes around the music. It is one tip that will help them in their music career.

Also, you can check out his ‘Ultimate Guide to be an Independent Artist’ e-book available on amazon kindle.  It is also available on his website:  https://ravikaushal.com/. In the book, he has mentioned everything one needs to learn to build a successful music career.

Develop your skills if you wish to be an independent artist. Some of the skills that will help you immensely are Singing, Music Production, Graphic Designing, Video Editing, Recording, Mixing & Mastering, Music Marketing, and Music Business, etc.

Ravi Kaushal
Ravi Kaushal

Ravi Kaushal His Dating Life

Presently, Ravi is not dating anybody. On being asked if he has a crush on somebody, he said, “Well, everybody looks beautiful in Instagram filters.

If somebody has to impress Ravi, they can start with having good vibes. He notices people if they write long comments, or make reels of videos on his songs. He says, “Sometimes a simple hi can work too.”

Ravi Kaushal Lesser Known Facts

  • Ravi loves to watch comedy shows.
  • His greatest strength is his belief in his abilities whereas his weakness is repeatedly explaining himself to others.
  • In his leisure time, Ravi listens to Podcasts, reads books, watches movies/ series, or travels.
  • Ravi’s biggest pet peeve is when girls call him cute. It is so because he doesn’t believe them and rather thinks they are lying.
  • His inspiration is all independent artists around the globe.
  • He is a person who loves to Netflix and chill.

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