Raga Music Entertainment launches a new devotional song “Laadla – Bholenath”

Chris Steward
Chris Steward
Laadla – Bholenath

Leading Music Production Studio Raga Music Entertainment is back with its latest devotional song, “Laadla – Bholenath” which beautifully elucidates the boundless devotion of a devotee towards Lord Shiva Mahadev. The song narrates the unceasing love of Lord Shiva Mahadev for his devotees to accept them as his child despite every one of their deficiencies and downfalls. Lord Shiva Mahadev is the epitome of generosity and compassion. Raga music seeks to provide their tribute to the great lord through the song.

Over the years, the studio’s music has overjoyed its audience with its back-to-back hit songs. With its new track, the company is once again set to make the audience fall in love with its music. This song was sung and written by Sarthak Garg. Leading composer Nick Brown is associated with the song as its Music Composer. This song is not like every other contemporary religious music; it’s another class carefully written, composed, and directed so that everyone can enjoy this soothing song. D18 Studios has played a significant role in recording & mixing the song aptly to turn devotion into melody.

Through this song, Director Vikas Saini and the Production House, Raga Motion Pictures Entertainment LLP, take an individual on the journey to go beyond their physical body and closely associate themselves with being a part of God. The DOP Nick Brown has assisted in beautifully adding an aesthetic touch to the song.

Furthermore, given the proficiency of Producer Aditya Aggarwal, it’s not shocking that the song can outpour such a high level of devotion. The song stars promising artists like Sarthak Garg, Prafful Malik, Satyam Singhal, and others.

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The song is beautiful navigation to become one with the lord shiva. It elucidates the request of a devotee to come to the doors of Mahadev’s abode. The devotee seeks the direction for his pious plea.

Further, the song suitably depicts the declaration of the devotee as a child of Mahadev. The best lyrics in the song explain how beholden the person is to the graciousness of lord Mahadev to help make his life blissful.

The song also shared how Lord Shiva, who is also known as Baba Kedar, Mahakal, and Vishwanath, played an instrumental role in the life of the devotee to deep dive into divineness and asceticism. The devotee dances to the holy beats of damru, rejoicing in divinity to the almighty Lord Shiva.

While this song is highly devotional, the music is pleasing and euphonious. The song features the quest to attain nirvana. The song is extraordinarily rich in well-thought lyrics that spotlight one’s very own relationship with God.

Currently, this melodious song is streaming on Jiosaavn, Gaana, Wynk, Amazon Music, Spotify, Itunes& Apple Music, Boomplay, Resso, and YouTube Music.


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