Prison School Season 2: Characters, Cast And What Viewers Can Expect Next?

Nisha Rathod
Nisha Rathod

The show”Prison school” is one of the best Japanese manga series. The entire series was led by Noboru Iguchi.

There were three manufacturers for this series and they include Masahiro Kazumoto, Hiroo Maruyama, and Kensuke Tateishi. The whole scripts were written by Noboru Iguchi and Ayako Kitagawa.

I hope these scriptwriters will create the entire show in an interesting way. This Japanese manga show had own many of those people’s hearts.

In the first season, the narrative focuses on the issues and problems. There was a fictional character named Kiyoshi. She and her friends faced many of the issues at that institution. In the next season, Viewers are eagerly awaiting to watch the new issues linked to the boys.

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These boys enter in the association with more girls. Some of the students break the rules with the enrolling boys. There were five pupils among the 1000 women. The five pupils comprise Shingo, Joe, Reiji, Kiyoshi, and Gakuto.

The creators are waiting to create a superb storyline for Prison School season 2. There was a bit of exciting news about the manga series which was about the duplicates of manga that was sold more than 13 million copies in the year March 2018.

The Prison School Season 2: Cast And Characters

You will find two greatest awards for this series and they include the Best General Manga award and 37th Kodansha Manga Award.

There were so many voice characters in this series and they include Kiyoshi Fujino by Taishi Nakagawa, Takehito Morokuzu by Toiko Emoto, Shingo Wakamoto by Masato Yano, Joji Nezu by Daiki Miyagi, and Regi Ando by Galigaligalixon. I am sure the same voice characters will return for next season. Let us wait and find some new voice characters for this series.

Fans are eagerly awaiting the new season and so they are often requesting the new release date for this particular series. There was no scheduled launch date for this series and the release date will soon be announced as soon as possible in future days.


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